Readers ask: Should A Washing Machine Be In The Kitchen?

Most people would opt for the kitchen, as it would appear to be the traditional placement for such an appliance. Or, if you’re lucky enough, a garage or a laundry room. Just as long as it is out of the way and not causing too much noise then it shouldn’t cause too much hassle.

Where should the washing machine go?

10 Ingenious Spots to Place the Washing Machine

  1. Under the washbasin counter. The bathroom is the obvious choice for the washing machine – the plumbing and electrical points are already in place.
  2. In the shower stall.
  3. Under the kitchen counter.
  4. In the pantry.
  5. Under an island.
  6. On the landing.
  7. Under the staircase.
  8. In a wardrobe.

Can a laundry be in a kitchen?

Kitchen or scullery The kitchen can be a brilliant spot for the washing machine as plumbing and electrics are already present, and you’re essentially creating one big multi-tasking space. If your kitchen has direct access to the clothesline, even better.

Why are washing machines put in the kitchen?

In many parts of the US and Europe washing machines are placed in the bathroom or separate utility rooms but in most British homes they are generally found in the kitchen. This is due to the fact most bathrooms could not fit a washing machine and there are no electrical sockets in the bathroom in the UK.

Can I place washing machine in bathroom?

Is it safe to put a washing machine in the bathroom? Water and electricity are a dangerous combination, so you must exercise caution when putting a washer and dryer in the bathroom. If you protect the plug and the socket from splashes of water, putting your washing machine in the bathroom is generally safe.

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Can you put a washing machine in a kitchen cupboard?

“In theory, you can put a washing machine anywhere,” architect Brian O’Tuama says. The machines aren’t integrated; instead, the cupboards are just deep enough to contain them. The MDF of the units helps to muffle the noise of the machines.

Why do British kitchens have washing machines?

Many Britons felt personally attacked when it was branded disgusting to have a washing machine in the kitchen. It is so common, that to have it anywhere else in the home would be seen as unusual. The primary reason why Britons keep their washing machine in the kitchen is simply a lack of space.

Can we keep washing machine in kitchen as per Vastu?

Wash basins, the washing machine, water pipes, and the kitchen drain should be in the north or northeast direction inside the kitchen. However, an overhead tanker in the kitchen must never face the north or north-east direction.

Why do European washing machines take longer?

The wash cycle and dry cycle of European appliances will also be longer than the American versions, since they have less space to do the same job and must take time to properly wash clothes, sometimes as long as two hours.

Does a washing machine need to be on an outside wall?

Washing machines have a bit more flexibility in drainage installation methods, so they do not always require positioning along an outside wall. Gas dryers can be located far from an outside wall, but you will need to run a longer vent system which can have problems of its own.

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Can you put a washing machine anywhere?

If you don’t have existing plumbing or are installing a washing machine in a new location without plumbing, you can either connect your washer to a laundry or kitchen sink or run the appropriate plumbing lines to the new laundry area.

Can I keep washing machine in balcony?

– If the balcony is built with high walls, it is okay, but with the balcony using the iron railings, it is necessary to use tempered glass, curtains or anything shielding. It will help your washing machine not be damaged by the sun, wind and rain.