Readers ask: What Happens At The End Of Enriques Journey?

Finally, she decides to go to the United States to join Enrique. If she leaves now, the chances that her daughter will be able to come to America and grow up with both her parents will be higher. The book ends much in the same way that it begins: with a mother leaving behind her young child, unable to say goodbye.

What happens in Enrique’s Journey?

Enrique’s Journey is a tale of risk, courage, love and danger. Enrique’s mother, Lourdes, leaves him and his sister, Belky, behind in Honduras in order to go to the United States. Lourdes leaves her children because she needs to make money to feed them and allow them to finish school.

Who dies in Enrique’s Journey?

She also falls in love with a house painter from Honduras, who also has two children back home. Enrique is doing well living with Marco, who works as a money changer at the border, and they have built a relationship of trust. However, at one exchange, Marco and his brother Victor are killed by thieves.

What was Enrique addicted to in Enrique’s Journey?

Enrique sinks deeper into addiction and begins to huff paint thinner. Enrique decides to stop huffing paint thinner, though he believes he does so more because of the headaches it gives him than because he wants to listen to his mother. Enrique’s drug addiction is the way that he escapes his problems.

How does Maria Isabel react to Enrique leaving her?

Maria Isabel is Enrique’s girlfriend and the mother of their daughter, Jasmin. She loves Enrique and is devastated when he decides to leave in search of his mother.

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How many times did Enrique get deported?

He still has far to go, but he has faced the beast eight times now, and he has lived through it. It is an achievement, and he is proud of it. Around noon, he reaches Ixtepec, a southern crossroads in Oaxaca, the next state north, 285 miles into Mexico.

Why doesn’t Lourdes take a picture of Enrique with her?

Lourdes loves him so much she cannot bring herself to say a word. She cannot carry his picture. It would melt her resolve. She cannot hug him.

How long has Enrique been on his journey?

Enrique’s experiences motivate him to take a dangerous journey to look for his mother. After eleven years apart, he decides he will go find her. Enrique sets off alone from Tegucigalpa, with little more than a slip of paper bearing his mother’s North Carolina telephone number.

How did Nazario find Enrique?

Looking for a child who would provide the story for the book she wants to write, Nazario finds out about Enrique from a nun at a church in Nuevo Laredo, near the Rio Grande in Mexico. She travels there to talk to him about his experience.

Why is becoming a nanny difficult for Lourdes?

Why is becoming a nanny too difficult for Lourdes? Her job reminds her of Enrique and Belky. Why does Enrique end up leaving his father’s home? His father gets remarried.

What does Enrique lose in the assault?

What does he lose in the assault? His mother’s phone number.

What dangers does Enrique face on his journey?

Enrique’s Journey tells the story of one teenage boy from Honduras who risks his life to escape poverty, drugs, and gang violence in order to reunite with his mother, who left when he was five years old to seek employment in the United States.

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How does Enrique show resilience?

He gives himself a time limit that shows his perseverance and the gravity of his decision: he will make it to his mother even if it takes a year. Despite the dangerous circumstances jumping trains, facing corrupt policemen, immigration checkpoints and officers, bandits, and gangsters, Enrique persists.

Is Enrique journey a true story?

Enrique’s Journey, is the true story of a young boy’s dangerous journey from Honduras to join his mother in America. Once their mother left Honduras, Belky found security and love with her mother’s family. Enrique struggled in school and constantly rebelled at home and began to sniff glue.

Where does Enrique sleep after the doctor is finished with him?

The doctor tells Enrique that he is lucky to be alive and asks him why he does not just go back home. Enrique falsely tells him that he is alone in his country and wants to join his family up north. He sleeps that night on the concrete floor of the town’s police station.

How old was Enrique when he found his mom?

After difficult stays with other relatives, Enrique sets out to find his mother. He is 16 years old when he makes the first of seven failed attempts to get through Mexico in the hopes of crossing the border into the United States.