Readers ask: What Is The Comparative Of Patient?

Patient – more patient – most patient.

What is the superlative for patient?

Patientest meaning Superlative form of patient: most patient.

What is the adjectives of patient?

patient is an adjective and a noun, patiently is an adverb, patience is a noun:Be patient with the baby. That doctor has many patients. Don’t lose your patience with the baby.

What is the comparative and superlative of impatient?

Comparative. more impatient. Superlative. most impatient. Does not like to be delayed.

What is the comparative and superlative of Elder?

2. “Elder” is a base form in itself, and its only form is its superlative, “eldest.” Meanwhile, “older” is the comparative form of “old,” and it progresses to “oldest” as its superlative form. 3.

What is opposite of patient?

Word. Antonym. Patient. Impatient, Doctor. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the antonyms of patient?

OPPOSITES FOR patient 5 impatient, agitated.

What is the prefix or suffix of patient?

Patient comes from the Latin word patientem, meaning “to endure,” but add the prefix im- and you get impatient — the inability to endure delays, mix-ups, people walking slowly, red lights…

What is comparative example?

Adjectives in the comparative form compare two people, places, or things. For example, in the sentence, ‘John is smarter, but Bob is taller,’ the comparative forms of the adjectives ‘smart’ (smarter) and’ tall’ (taller) are used to compare two people, John and Bob.

How do you use comparative?

Comparatives. One way to describe nouns (people, objects, animals, etc.) is by comparing them to something else. When comparing two things, you’re likely to use adjectives like smaller, bigger, taller, more interesting, and less expensive. Notice the ‑er ending, and the words more and less.

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What is the comparative of many?

The comparative form of many/much is more; and the superlative form of many/much is most. We can use more and most with countable and uncountable nouns.

What is the sentence of impatient?

Examples of impatient in a Sentence After months of delays, customers are becoming impatient. Customers have grown impatient with the repeated delays. “Aren’t you ready yet?” “Don’t be so impatient. There’s no need to hurry.” She was impatient to leave.

What is the superlative degree of new?

Newest is the Superlative form of new. (We can also use most new).