Readers ask: What Is The Purpose Of The Thenardiers In Les Miserables?

While Javert represents the justice system that would punish Valjean, the Thenardiers represent the lawless subculture of society that would blackmail him.

Why do the Thenardiers take Cosette in?

Fantine leaves Cosette so she can work, in hopes of making enough money to support herself and her child. The Thénardiers take Cosette in because they’re getting paid to do so. They treat Cosette harshly as a laborer instead of a child.

What are the symbolism of the character of Cosette?

However, in a novel of symbolism and metaphor, Cosette may also be seen as a symbol of hope in the world of Les Misérables, representing the rise of the oppressed and abused from darkness to a bright future.

Why does tantine leave her daughter with the Thenardiers?

Heartbroken and hopeless, she is in a hurry to start a life which will be able to sustain the financial support of herself and her child, and in ignorance and lack of experience, the Thenardiers seem like a God send.

What do the Thenardiers symbolize?

The Thénardiers, commonly known as Monsieur Thénardier (/təˈnɑːrdi. While Javert represents the justice system that would punish Valjean, the Thenardiers represent the lawless subculture of society that would blackmail him.

How old was Cosette when she got married?

Cosette: Fantine’s daughter who lives as a servant to the Thénardiers, Cosette is rescued by Valjean at age eight and is raised by him in Paris, knowing nothing about her past. At seventeen, she meets and falls in love with Marius, and eventually marries him.

How does Valjean escape from Javert?

Valjean allows Javert to arrest him, but quickly escapes. It is hinted that Valjean escaped with the help of a file hidden in a coin, an item he is later proved to possess. Valjean returns to his house to pack his clothes and hides behind the door when Javert comes looking for him.

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How is Cosette described in Les Miserables?

COSETTE is the beautiful daughter of Fantine. She is strong willed and loving. She is an intelligent, inquiring, personable girl.

How old was Fantine when she had Cosette?

Young Cosette Female, 7-12. FANTINE’s daughter at the age of six who has been living with the Thenardier’s since the age of two. Valjean adopts her after Fantine gives Cosette to him on her deathbed.

What does the name Cosette mean?

Cosette in modern name dictionaries give the meaning as “victorious,” but it doesn’t appear to have been in use as a first name until after Hugo published Les Miserables, although “Cozette” sometimes appeared as a surname. Victor Hugo said he created Cosette from “chosette”, meaning “little thing” in French.

Is Gavroche Eponine’s brother?

Gavroche and Éponine are siblings. This is explicitly stated in the novel but is only hinted at in the musical, when Gavroche expresses grief at her death. Éponine’s younger sister Azelma and their two youngest brothers are omitted from the musical.

What is the little girl doing in the forest at that time of the night what about the man?

Cosette, the little girl, has been sent out alone by her foster parents, the Thenardiers, to fetch a bucket of water from the forest at that time of the night. The stranger’s (Jean Valjean) main purpose of being out in the woods late at night is to rescue little Cosette because of his promise to her mother (Fantine).