Readers ask: Where Can I See Alligators In North Carolina?

The largest populations live in the coastal coun- ties of Brunswick, New Hanover, Craven, Onslow and Pender. Alligators are also seen in other areas of eastern North Carolina, and have even been found on coastal beaches.

Where can you find alligators in North Carolina?

American alligators occur naturally in North Carolina, inhabiting bay lakes, rivers, creeks, marshes, swamps and ponds, with local populations distributed in patches along the entire coast. Alligators become less common in coastal NC as you move from south to north.

How far north are alligators in North Carolina?

In North Carolina the American alligator inhabits fresh and estuarine bodies of water as far west as Robeson and Cumberland Counties, building dens with submerged entrances at the water’s edge.

Are there alligators in Carolina Beach North Carolina?

Alligators have been spotted on occasion at the Carolina Beach State Park, and particularly close to the local marina.

Are there alligators in Raleigh North Carolina?

Alligators are not naturally found this far inland in North Carolina, Batts said, but sometimes people will illegally bring them to the area as pets and they eventually end up in the wild.

Does North Myrtle Beach have alligators?

Alligators are indigenous to the Myrtle Beach area, and they typically live in our freshwater marshes and rivers, away from people. But, every so often, it is possible that an alligator might make its way to the ocean.

Do alligators live in Charlotte NC?

Alligators are not native to the Charlotte area of North Carolina, but that didn’t stop one from crawling up to a patio and making itself at home Sunday in the Weddington area.

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Does Alligator River in NC have alligators?

Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge is in the near northern part of the range for the American Alligator. However, alligators do live in areas north of the refuge. It appears their range is expanding a bit futher north over time. They do live in our waterways, but are rare and shy of people.

Are alligators a problem in North Carolina?

Coastal NC is considered the northern extent of their range. Alligators in NC have much slower growth rates and populations are more vulnerable to local extinctions than other more southern states. Alligators are naturally secretive and shy, and pose little threat to human safety if left alone.

Does Asheville NC have alligators?

There aren’t any in the lakes, particularly as far inland as Charlotte and Asheville. Have no fear!

How far north are alligators found?

American alligators can be found in the coastal wetlands of the U.S. Southeast, as far north as North Carolina and as far west as eastern Texas. Their range extends down to southern Florida and includes the Everglades.

Does Emerald Isle have alligators?

Wild animals abound on most barrier islands, and Emerald Isle is no exception. The Town is home to raccoons, opossums, foxes, squirrels, deer and an occasional bear and alligator.

What states have alligators?

American alligators are found in the southeast United States: all of Florida and Louisiana; the southern parts of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi; coastal South and North Carolina; East Texas, the southeast corner of Oklahoma, and the southern tip of Arkansas. Louisiana has the largest alligator population.

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Can you shoot alligators in NC?

Alligator hunting is now legal in NC, but it may be harder to get a permit than ‘Hamilton’ tickets. Around Hyde County, North Carolina’s sparsely populated coastal tip with more water than dry land, the towns are buzzing about alligators — meat-eating reptiles that can grow 14 feet long.

Can you swim in the lakes in NC?

From spring-fed rivers to lakes, open ocean swims to diving in a pool, North Carolina State Parks offer a full range of swimming options. Many of the swimming pools are open seasonally or close occasionally for maintenance. Please check with the individual park to verify that you will be able to swim during your visit.

Can you swim in North Carolina lakes?

While North Carolina might be famous for its beaches, the lakes you’ll find scattered throughout the state are equally as beautiful. Western North Carolina is especially renowned for its selection of mountain lakes that are perfect for swimming, hiking around, boating, and fishing.