Readers ask: Which Way Should My Gate Swing?

Your gate should always swing inward. Why? You want the gate to move towards private space, not out to the public. Single gate hinges work on either side.

Which way do hinges go on a gate?

As a rule of thumb, gate hinges are placed at the top and the bottom of the gate but heavy-duty gate hinges will often have a third hinge for the middle to support the weight.

Can a gate swing outward?

I find the frequency of this question peculiar since the need to have gates open outwards is rare, but simply the answer is yes. Automated swinging driveway gates can open outwards if necessary. Traditionally, gates swing inwards, which is in the direction visitors enter your property.

Do gate hinges swing both ways?

Hinges come in a variety of types and sizes, each used for a different purpose. Some of them swing both ways, including the simple bolt-hook-and-strap hinge as well as the more complex double-acting spring hinge.

How much space should be between gate and post?

For gates with standard 2×4 framing and 4×4 posts, leave a 1/2- to 3/4-inch space between the latch post and the gate frame. On the hinge side, it will depend on the hardware you use. About 1/4 inch is usually sufficient.

Should gates open inwards or outwards?

Your driveway gate should be installed to open inward toward your property, except in rare cases. Driveway gates can also be installed to open outward or even slide, but opening inward is the recommendation for three main reasons: Building Codes.

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Does it matter which way a gate opens?

The convention is that gates open into the direction visitors will be travelling, just as doors open into the house or a specific room. The thought is that it is more welcoming to have the gate swing away from rather than toward the visitor. So gates tend to open into the area that the fences enclose.

Should side gates open in or out?

The key takeaway. To summarise, unless there is sufficient space on the property to accommodate your driveway gate opening fully, swing gates should be installed to open inwards — it’s the safest and most sensible solution.

How do you open a gate with both sides?

Thumb latches are typically for in-swinging gates and are double sided, meaning they can open and close from either side of the gate. Mounted on the street side of the gate typically is a decorative plate with a thumb depressor. Push the thumb and the latch-arm on the inside lifts, allowing the gate to open.

What kind of hinge swings both ways?

Double-action, spring-loaded hinges allow doors to swing in both directions, as Hinge Outlet describes. You’ve probably seen them in restaurants or commercial buildings where traffic flows in both directions.

How much weight can a gate hinge hold?

These hinges provide what is typically the highest weight rating- often exceeding numbers of 1000 lb per pair. These types of hinges also tend to be very cost efficient in relation to how strong and long lasting they are.

What do you put under gate gap?

Secure chicken wire or wire mesh to the bottom of a chainlink, wood or wire gate. Cut a piece that is roughly double the length of the open area and as wide as your gate. For example, if the gap is 3 inches tall with a width of 36 inches, cut a 6-inch by 36-inch piece of chicken wire, using a pair of wire cutters.