Readers ask: Why Did Otis Go To Jail?

Otis confides that he was sent to jail because he played his music out on the street. Otis loves to play his guitar, but he thinks that music is best played for an audience. So he would play his music on the street for everyone to hear. Otis was arrested and sent to jail, where he did not have access to his guitar.

What happened immediately before the cops tried to put handcuffs on Otis?

What happened immediately before the cops tried to put handcuffs on Otis? Otis continued playing his guitar. The cops asked Otis to stop playing his guitar on the street.

What did Opal learn about Otis past?

Otis and the Animals One day, Opal discovers Otis playing his guitar for all the animals, each one out of their cage! She described it as ‘the prettiest music I have ever heard in my life’ as she watched him play with his eyes closed and wearing cowboy boots.

Why does Otis go to jail?

In the episode “Ellie For Council,” Otis is jailed for assault — during a fight with Rita, Otis tries to hit her with a leg of lamb, misses, and hits his mother-in-law in the mouth (much to his delight).

What was Otis promise?

Otis doesn’t really want to talk about it, but he promises that he’s not dangerous. Okay, okay, he’ll tell her: he used to play guitar on the street, because he likes having an audience. Yeah, well, he didn’t have a permit, so the police asked him to stop.

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Why did Gloria Dump laugh when Opal told her the reason why Otis went to jail?

In Chapter 20 of the story, Opal tells Gloria the reason why Otis went to prison. Gloria laughs because the story given to her by Opal does not present Otis as a tough, dangerous criminal who belongs behind bars. In fact, it is hilarious that Otis really was jailed just for his passion for music.

What deal does Opal make with Otis?

When Winn-Dixie and Opal get to the pet store the next morning, Opal gives Otis a Littmus Lozenge. He asks if it’s Halloween and awkwardly accepts the candy. When he puts it in his mouth, he begins to cry and thanks Opal. He says it tastes good, but it also tastes like being in jail.

What is Winn-Dixie’s pathological fear?

He said, “Opal, I believe Winn-Dixie has a pathological fear of thunderstorms.” And just when he finished his sentence, here came Winn-Dixie again, running to save his life.

Why did Gloria Dump have a bottle tree?

In Gloria’s younger years, she was an alcoholic. She tied alcohol bottles that she emptied through the course of her alcoholism to a tree in her yard in order to, as she tells Opal, “keep the ghosts away”—that is, to keep her sober and to remind her of all the lessons she learned while she was drinking.

What happened to the animals when Otis played the guitar?

Otis looks up, sees Opal and Winn-Dixie and stops playing his guitar. When this happens, all the animals awaken from their dream state and start running around the store. Otis tells Opal his secret: he feels sorry for the animals being locked into cages because he

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What was Otis Campbell’s real name?

India Opal, the protagonist of Because of Winn -Dixie, is a ten-year-old girl who lives with her father; her mother died when she was only three. Because Opal barely remembers her mother, she gets her father to give her a list of her mother’s traits, many of which she shares.

Where did Opal get the idea to have a party?

Opal begins reading and relays that “Scarlett was looking forward to going to a big barbecue.” It’s then that Opal gets the inspiration to throw a party in Gloria’s yard to ease everyone’s loneliness: her own, her father’s, Otis’s, Gloria’s, Miss Fanny’s, and even Sweetie Pie’s.

How does Opal persuade Otis to come to the party?

How does Opal persuade Otis to come to the party? With a week of free cleaning. Why is Opal so glad to see Amanda at the party? She wanted to comfort her and to let her know that she knows how it feels to miss someone.

Why do you think Otis didn’t want to come to the party?

Otis is reluctant to go to the party because he is not good at socializing with people and he went to jail and they probably heard that he was in jail. What does Opal’s father mean when he says, “We appreciate the complicated and wonderful gifts you give to use in each other?”

Why did Opal sweep the pet shop floor real slow?

Opal: [narrating] I swept the floor real slow that day. I wanted to keep Otis company. I didn’t want him to be lonely. Sometimes it seemed to me like everybody in the whole world was lonely.