What Can You See In France In 10 Days?

France 10-Day Tours Itineraries

  • Paris, Provence the French Riviera – 10 Days.
  • Paris, Normandy the Loire Valley – 10 Days.
  • Relaxed Provence French Riviera – 10 Days.
  • Provence Road Trip: Marseille, Les Baux, Forcalquier Aix – 10 Days.
  • Lyon, Annecy Chamonix – 10 Days.

What can you do in France for 10 days?

France 10 day itinerary

  • Days 1 to 3 – Paris.
  • Days 4 and 5 – Bordeaux.
  • Day 6 – Toulouse.
  • Day 7 – Montpellier.
  • Day 8 – Marseille.
  • Day 9 – Lyon.
  • Day 10 – Paris.

What should I see in France for 2 weeks?

How to Spend 2 Weeks in France Sample Itinerary

  • Paris (3 nights)[SEE MAP]
  • Versailles (day trip from Paris)[SEE MAP]
  • Mont St-Michel (1 night)[SEE MAP]
  • Bayeux (2 nights)[SEE MAP]
  • Amboise (2 nights)[SEE MAP]
  • Loire Châteaux (trip from Amboise)[SEE MAP]
  • Bordeaux (1 night)[SEE MAP]
  • Carcassonne (1 night)[SEE MAP]

What can you see in France in 7 days?

France 7-Day Tours & Itineraries

  • “Like a Local” Tour in Provence and the French Riviera: 7 Days.
  • Paris & South of France – 7 Days.
  • Tour du Mont-Blanc Self Guided Trek – 7 days.
  • The Very Best Walks on Corsica: 7 Days.
  • Hiking & Hilltop Villages in Provence – 7 Days.
  • Cycling Corsica: 7 Days.
  • Normandy Discovery Tour – 7 Days.

Is 10 days enough in Europe?

A 10-day adventure through Europe is enough to show you the very best of the Old Continent. Among popular destinations such as Paris or Rome, Venice or London, you will also get to explore less crowded, but equally magnificent cities such as Vienna in Austria or Lucerne in Switzerland.

How long do you need to see France?

For a holiday in France that covers multiple areas and highlights, most travelers should plan on spending around 10 days. This gives you enough time to explore a few different regions by train, plane, or road trip at a relaxed pace.

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Where can I spend a week in France?

1 week France itinerary

  • Day 1 – Paris.
  • Day 2 – Bordeaux.
  • Day 3 – Biarritz.
  • Day 4 – Toulouse.
  • Day 5 – Marseille.
  • Day 6 – Saint Tropez.
  • Day 7 – Nice.

Is 2 weeks in Paris enough?

If Paris is part of a French trip, plan on spending 4+ days in Paris if your total time in France is two weeks or more. Some travelers spend three days in Paris and think it’s more than enough.

How much would a 2 week trip to France cost?

As a general rule, you can expect to pay no less than 100 USD per person, per day to travel in France; most travelers will spend around double this. Using this math, the cost of a two-week trip to France will be around $2,800 (or, potentially, as low as $1,400), not including the cost of flights.

How much does it cost to backpack through France?

France Suggested Budgets On a backpacker’s budget, prepare to spend €45-77 EUR ($50-88 USD) per day.

Which part of France is the most beautiful?

The 10 most beautiful places to visit in France

  1. Champagne: home of Dom Pérignon.
  2. 2. Provence: land of lavender.
  3. Gorges du Verdon: the Grand Canyon of France.
  4. Mont Saint-Michel: the real Rapunzel’s Tower.
  5. Dune du Pilat: Europe’s tallest sand dune.
  6. Saint-Tropez: land of luxury.
  7. Rocamadour: the sacred hilltop pilgrimage.

What can you see in 5 days in France?

Day 1: Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, the Latin Quarter, & more!

  • Day 2: Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Musée de l’Orangerie, & more!
  • Day 3: The Palace of Versailles, Père Lachaise Cemetery, & more!
  • Day 4: Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, Holocaust Museum, & more!
  • Day 5: Paris Catacombs, Rue Mouffetard, Musée de Cluny, & more!
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How many days do you need in the French Riviera?

With two days to spend in the French Riviera, stick to a couple of key destinations, like Cannes and Nice or Saint-Tropez. You can add some time sailing around islands or hiking in the Alps if you have three to five days, and if you have around a week, detour to Provence.

What is the best way to see Europe?

Travel by train, or use budget airlines. Train travel through Europe is one of the best ways to see the continent. The rail network is extremely developed and train service is very reliable. For longer distances, flying one of the many European airlines is also a great option.

How can I cover Europe in 10 Days?

Europe 10-day itinerary

  1. Day 1 – Arrive in Bruges.
  2. Day 2 – Amsterdam.
  3. Day 3 – Brussels.
  4. Day 4 & 5 – Paris.
  5. Day 6 – Lyon.
  6. Day 7 – Milan.
  7. Day 8 – Bologna.
  8. Day 9 – Florence.