What Happens In Among The Free?

After several days of surviving alone, haunted by the memory of his friend Jen Talbot, run-ins with a selfish stable boy who was with Luke and his sergeant at the time of the incident, and attempting to avoid the Population Police at all costs, Luke finds his way to another village filled with starving people.

What happens in the end of among the free?

In the end, Luke decides to speak up for his rights of freedom, which also leads to the freedom of all the people in the country, especially third children. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Among the Free.

How old is Luke in among the free?

Luke Garner is a 13-year-old boy. When the novel opens, Luke is working as a stablehand at Population Police Headquarters. Luke is the third child of a family, which makes Luke’s existence illegal according to the two-child rule the Population Police enforces.

What happens in among the enemy?

Young Matthias finds himself caught in the cross fire between the Population Police and the rebels –and unwittingly ends up saving the life of a Population Police officer. By way of reward, the officer takes Matthias to the luxury of Population Police headquarters to train him to become one of their own.

What is the theme of among the free?

Relationships. One of the primary themes that runs throughout the novel is relationships. For Luke, it is the relationships he has with his friends that propel him to doing something about overthrowing the government and earning his freedom as a third child.

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Is Jen dead shadow children?

Jen was born into a rich family by her Mom and her Mom’s second husband. Jen goes with forty other shadow children to the rally. They are all shot dead at the president’s house, along with Jen. Jen’s death is later told to Luke by her step-dad, and her memory serves as inspiration for Luke to continue trying.

Is Jen Talbot still alive?

Jen Talbot eventually dies by a gunshot from the population police while they were protesting with 40+ Shadow Children. Jen tries to influence Luke Garner to join but he refuses because of his safety and thinks he will die from participating in this protest.

Why is Luke’s bedroom in the attic?

In the story, Luke must hide in the attic, as he is an illegal third child. The attic doubles as his bedroom and playroom. In fact, it is the only room in the house that can keep Luke safely hidden.

What is Luke’s moms name in among the hidden?

Luke’s mom is the spoonful of sugar in Luke’s medicine. Not many people can put a positive spin on having to hide 24/7, but Luke’s mom does. She’s always at the ready to give Luke a “reassuring squeeze” (1.7) or give his hair a good rustling just like the itty bitty baby—we mean, adolescent—that he is.

What is Luke’s character trait in among the hidden?

Luke Garner is obedient to a fault. The first thing the reader learns about 12-year-old Luke is that he has never disobeyed his mother’s order to hide. Luke is a highly sensitive child who has taken on adult responsibilities at a young age although he does not actually realize how maturely he has behaved.

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How old is Nina in among the betrayed?

The book Among the Betrayed was a really good book about a thirteen year old girl named Nina, she is a third child. In the place she lives at third children are not allowed, and if they are born the population police will come and take them. One day while she was at school the population police did come and take her.

How does among the enemy end?

They end up at Population Police headquarters, where he finds an expected favor from the commander of the base as a result of his association with Tiddy, a favorite of the commander’s. Tiddy goes to the forest and reports upon his return that he torched the entire area. Unexpectedly, he dies from poison soon afterward.

Who are the main characters in among the free?

Among the Free Character Descriptions

  • Luke Garner. This character is a 13-year-old boy and is working as a stablehand at Population Police Headquarters when the novel opens.
  • Officer Houk.
  • Jen.
  • Chiutza Boy.
  • Nina.
  • Oscar Wydell.

What happens at the end of the Shadow Children series?

When Luke fails to hear from Jen for a while, he breaks into her house to search for her, but her father storms in on him with a gun. After acquainting themselves to each other, he informs Luke that Jen died; she was among the forty shadow children shot dead at the rally.