What Is The Rising Action Of Among The Imposters?

Rising action When Lee goes to the bathroom he hears a voice that sounded like Jason. Then he hears Jason saying,”No,no one knows I work with the Population police”.Lee grab the phone from him and threw it on the floor then he pushed Jason down the stairs.

What is the conflict of among the imposters?

The conflict of this story is, when Luke Garner starts to trust his roommate that made him do silly things. Luke had to call himself dumb or do push ups 150 times. Luke was thought to never disobey anyone so he never disobeyed his roommate Jason.

What is the plot of among the imposters?

Luke Garner is an illegal child in his family because he was the third child born. For most of his life, he’d been safe, hiding within the confines of his family’s farm. But now, because of his association with a rebel third — short for third child — named Jen, Luke has had to take on a new identity.

What is the mood of among the imposters?

There were several moods throughout the story. Luke was sad when his garden became wilted. Luke became excited when he helped families that had three children. In the story, the third child was illegal because there was a population law.

Who are the main characters in among the imposters?

The conflict represents our struggle as individuals to be what we want to be even if society disapproves. The second possibility is that there is an internal conflict within Luke. He is struggling to grow up (a coming of age story) and overcome the limitations of the situation he has been born into.

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What happens in among the free?

After several days of surviving alone, haunted by the memory of his friend Jen Talbot, run-ins with a selfish stable boy who was with Luke and his sergeant at the time of the incident, and attempting to avoid the Population Police at all costs, Luke finds his way to another village filled with starving people.

Is Jen Talbot still alive?

Jen Talbot eventually dies by a gunshot from the population police while they were protesting with 40+ Shadow Children. Jen tries to influence Luke Garner to join but he refuses because of his safety and thinks he will die from participating in this protest.

How old is Luke in among the free?

Luke Garner is a 13-year-old boy. When the novel opens, Luke is working as a stablehand at Population Police Headquarters. Luke is the third child of a family, which makes Luke’s existence illegal according to the two-child rule the Population Police enforces.

What is the summary of among the hidden?

Among the Hidden is a dystopian young adult novel by Margaret Peterson Haddix and it’s about a boy named Luke Gardner, who is a third child in a world where only two children are allowed per family. He lives in hiding and befriends a neighboring third child, Jen Talbot.

What is the theme of the book among the impostors?

Unfortunately for Luke, he is a third child, and the only way he can ever have any hope to have freedom is to live a false life under a false identity.

What did Luke learn by listening to Jackal boy’s conversation on the telephone?

Luke sees that the leader of the group from Hendricks is jackal boy, and as he listens to their conversation he realizes that they are all illegal shadow children, just like him.

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How many chapters are in imposters?

In most sections the content of three chapters could have been condensed into one. By having so many chapter breaks I actually felt jarred out of the story. Overall, Impostors makes a great addition to the Uglies universe, with strong characters and a fast-paced plot.

Who is Nina in among the imposters?

Characters. Nina: A third child who is taken by the Population Police after being betrayed. Her real name is Elodie Luria.

How many pages are in among the betrayed?

What happened when Luke called Mr. Talbot? Mr. Talbot hung up on him.