What Is Wrong With Frankie In Cannery Row?

A mentally handicapped boy who is neglected by his mother and taken in by Doc. Frankie is incapable of doing any work; he just seems to do everything a little bit wrong. He loves Doc, though, and frequently tells him so. Frankie is institutionalized after breaking in to a jewelry store to steal a gift for Doc.

What does Frankie eventually do for Doc Cannery Row?

Frankie is absolutely loyal to Doc and constantly tells him that he loves him. At one of Doc’s parties, Frankie makes a great success of himself by bringing a beer to a young woman; both she and Doc praise him for his consideration.

What does Frankie steal for Doc?

When Frankie hears about the surprise birthday party Mack and “the boys” are throwing for Doc, he tries to steal a beautiful onyx clock, which he wants to give to Doc as a token of his appreciation.

What is the message of Cannery Row?

In Cannery Row, a novel documenting the lives of outcasts and eccentrics, Steinbeck challenges conventional notions of virtue, ultimately arguing that society often champions qualities that don’t necessarily lead to happiness or widespread goodwill.

Why is Doc important in Cannery Row?

Major Characters. Based loosely on Steinbeck’s real life friend, Ed Ricketts, Doc is the primary figure of importance on Cannery Row. He is essential for grounding the other characters’ actions. Doc also helps the residents of Cannery Row when they need medicine or medical advice.

How does Steinbeck describe Dora Flood?

Although the Bear Flag is a prostitution business, Steinbeck portrays it as “virtuous,” “clean,” and “honest.” In turn, he imbues Dora herself with these qualities, upholding that she is “ respected by the intelligent, the learned, and the kind.” Unfortunately, though, her position as a lawbreaker means that she must

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What is the poem at the end of Cannery Row?

One of my favorite books is Steinbeck’s Cannery Row. Near the end of the book, the poem Black Marigolds is quoted extensively (but not completely).

Who is Hazel in Cannery Row?

Cannery Row (1982) – Frank McRae as Hazel – IMDb.

What confession does Mack make to Cannery Row?

The men talk over a beer, and Mack explains about the party. Doc forgives him and tells him not to worry about the broken things, since Mack would never pay for them anyway. Mack feels tremendously guilty and reveals to Doc his distress at messing up everything in his life; he even had a wife once.

Who died in Cannery Row?

William. William is dead at the time of the narration of Cannery Row. He had been the bouncer/watchman at Dora’s but grew depressed because of his inability to make friends with Mack and the boys. William kills himself after complaining that he wanted to be friends and no one he told took what he said seriously.

Is Cannery Row a true story?

Cannery Row (1945), one of Steinbeck’s best and most widely read fictional works, immortalized Cannery Row as a one-of-a-kind neighborhood of fish packing plants, bordellos and flophouses, and made it the most famous street in America.

How does Steinbeck describe Cannery Row?

Steinbeck describes Cannery Row as “ a poem, a stink, a grating noise, a quality of light, a tone, a habit, a nostalgia, a dream ” (1). Describe how the environment of Cannery Row is effected by its inhabitants, and how in turn the inhabitants are affected by the Row.

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What kind of world is Cannery Row According to Steinbeck?

In all these ways, the “real world” intrudes, to produce a strange hybrid of fantasy and reality. Cannery Row can perhaps be best characterized by what seems a contradiction in terms: It is a realistic utopian novel. Steinbeck typically uses interspersed anecdotes and vignettes to introduce these instances of darkness.

What did Henri see in his boat while he was drinking?

The difficulties of living in the boat have driven away two wives and numerous girlfriends. After each woman leaves him, Henri gets drunk and mourns. His latest girlfriend has just left, and Henri has just begun to get drunk when he sees a “devilish” young man and a blonde little boy appear on the bench next to him.

What is the sardine capital of the world?

World War II cannery expansion: Monterey became “Sardine Capital of the World” as it fed a world at war with the plentiful and nutritious Monterey sardine. Within five years the industry would die on its waterfront for lack of sardines.