FAQ: How to take the t in boston?

How do you pay for the T in Boston?

You can buy 1-day, 7-day, cash value, and monthly passes at fare vending machines. They are located at all subway stations. Fare vending machines accept credit, debit, and cash payments. Tickets and passes are available at retail stores throughout the region.

How do I buy T tickets in Boston?

The cost of a one-way trip is $2.75 with a paper ticket. These tickets are available at every stop using a self-serve machine. With the Charlie Card, each ride is just $2.25. The fare includes a free transfer to the buses.

Where do you park for the T in Boston?

Parking at a T Station »

Your Area Station Parking Rate
Newton, Wellesley, Needham, Dover Woodland (D) (Green Line) $5.00
Charlestown, Somerville, Malden, Everett Wellington (Orange Line) $6.00
Revere, Winthrop, North Shore, East Boston Beachmont (Blue Line) $5.00
East Boston Orient Heights (Blue Line) $5.00

Is there an app for the T in Boston?

MBTA mTicket is available for free in both iOS and Android markets.

Is the Boston t safe at night?

The T is generally quite safe. It is busy with people even at night. The stretch of the Orange Line you would be traveling is all in the downtown area and should be fine. Alternatively, you can use the Green Line.

How much does it cost to ride the T in Boston?

To ride the T, you need to purchase a CharlieCard or CharlieTicket. These can be purchased at most subway stations at vending machines and at select convenience stores. The basic fare is $2.90 with a CharlieTicket or $2.40 if you have a Charlie Card. Kids 11 years and younger ride free!

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Can I reload my Charlie Card online?

You can load stored value onto your CharlieCard online on the MyCharlie site. How do I reset my CharlieCard password? Call 888-844-0355 for CharlieCard Support. Hours are 7 AM – 8 PM Monday – Friday and 9 AM – 5 PM Saturday – Sunday.

Can I get a Charlie card online?

When you purchase passes online, they will be loaded onto a new CharlieCard or CharlieTicket and sent to you in the mail each time. You can purchase monthly passes for Commuter Rail zone travel, interzone travel, ferry, and Inner/Outer Express buses online.

How much does a Charlie card cost?

CharlieCard weekly pass: Unlimited rides, $22.50/week or $90/month (assumes 4-week month, though would be more than this if used weekly passes for a 30- or 31-day month) CharlieCard monthly pass: Unlimited rides, $90/month.

Is the Boston T free?

It’s an Orange Line and MBTA bus station, as well as a Commuter Rail stop for some routes that go to South Station. The Silver Line and Massport Shuttle from Logan Airport are both free. The Silver Line picks up and drops off at every terminal and connects to the Red Line at South Station.

How do I pay for MBTA parking?

Monthly permits are available for MBTA lots. The MBTA works with PayByPhone to let you pay for vehicle parking in seconds. PayByPhone is a cashless, easy, and secure way to pay for parking.

Call PayByPhone

  1. Call 866-234-7275.
  2. Provide the PayByPhone location number on your lot’s signage.
  3. Pay by credit or debit card.

How many MBTA stations are there?

There are currently 141 stations on 12 lines (four of which have branches).

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Is there a Charlie Card App?

Buy a ticket anywhere, anytime – in seconds. The Official MBTA mTicket App is like a ticket office in your pocket. Your smartphone is your ticket! With the new MBTA mTicket App for Commuter Rail and Ferry, you can securely purchase MBTA Commuter Rail and Ferry Single Ride, Round-Trip, and 10 Ride tickets in seconds.

What is the best MBTA bus app?

The MBTA is pleased to announce its endorsement of Transit App as the best app for transit riders in the Greater Boston Area. The selection committee’s unanimous vote for Transit App echoes the sentiment of the tens of thousands of Boston transit riders already using it every day.

Is the transit app free?

Public transit directions app Transit is getting a big upgrade for commuters: it’s now completely free to use. The app is trying to beat Google Maps at being the go-to tool for the everyday commuter by providing quick access to nearby transit schedules, rather than asking users to search for where they need to go.