FAQ: What Size Tv Stand Do You Need For A 50 Inch Tv?

Step 1: Find the Actual Width of your TV

Size Width Height
42″ 36.6″ in 93 cm 20.6″ in 52.3 cm
46″ 40.1″ in 101.9 cm 22.5″ in 57.2 cm
50″ 43.6″ in 110.7 cm 24.5″ in 62.2 cm
55″ 47.9″ in 121.7 cm 27″ in 68.6 cm

How far apart are the legs on a 50 inch TV?

Yes, your feet can be placed closer to the center of the TV, about 15 apart from each other.So the question is how far apart are the legs of a 50-inch TV. The legs are 30 cm apart.

Does TV stand need to be as wide as TV?

The TV stand should be at least as wide as your TV, although you can also opt for a much wider TV stand and then center the TV, giving you room to set other items on the sides.

How wide are the legs on a Samsung 55 inch TV?

“What is the exact width between stands on a Samsung 55″ QLed q6f tv?”

  1. The width between the stands of the TV is 38.3″. Answered by CommunityAnswer 2 years ago. Helpful (17) Unhelpful (1)
  2. The width between the legs of the TV is 38.3″. Answered by CommunityAnswer 2 years ago. Helpful (9) Unhelpful (0)

How wide are the legs on a 55 inch TV?

About 43″ at their widest. They angle out in the front and back a little bit so they connect to the tv at a smaller distance than that. The feet are about 10″ deep as well (4.5″ in front of the screen and 4.5″ behind it). Chris H.

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How high should a TV be on a stand?

A quick calculation tells you the base of your TV (and table top of your TV stand) should be around 25 inches from the floor. This gives you a comfortable viewing range of 35-45 inches high and the center of the screen right at your 40-inch eye level.

What can I use instead of a TV stand?

Here are 7 suggestions for ‘unique’ media stands.

  • A dresser: Depending on how much space you have in your living room this is a fantastic option for a few reasons.
  • A chest: Depending again on the height, having a chest with or without detail is a unique look.
  • A console table:
  • A fireplace:
  • A bench:
  • TV Easel:
  • Bookcase:

What is TV stand width?

Here are some suggested minimum widths for television stands based on the size of the set: Under 32 inch sets – 28 inches in width for stand. 32-39 inch – 30-45 inches. 50-54 inch – 46-49 inches.

How wide is the stand on TCL 55 inch TV?

Without the stand, the TCL 5-Series Roku Smart TV (55”) has a height of 28.1” (71.4 cm), width of 48.4” (122.9 cm), and depth of 3” (7.62 cm). The total height with the stand is 30.6” (77.7 cm) with an overall depth of 10” (25.4 cm).

How far apart are the legs on a Samsung 40 inch TV?

The T.V. is 36″ wide (40″ screen on the diagonal), but the legs stand 32″ apart. That is, you need, at a minimum, a 32″ wide surface to hold this T.V., and that would be moderately dangerous since even a 1/8″ slip or push in either direction would topple the T.V.