How far is amherst from boston?

How far is Amherst from New York City?

Distance between New York City and Amherst is 470 kilometers (292 miles). Driving distance from New York City to Amherst is 629 kilometers (391 miles).

Is Amherst Massachusetts a nice place to live?

Amherst is in Hampshire County and is one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. Living in Amherst offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents rent their homes. In Amherst there are a lot of restaurants and parks. The public schools in Amherst are highly rated.

What is Amherst MA known for?

Much like the rest of Hampshire County, Amherst is known for its bookishness, its artsyness, its local food obsession, its openness and tolerance, and its beauty. You’ll see lots of farms, farm stands, and fresh food.

Does Amtrak go to Amherst MA?

Amtrak offers frequent train service (about 5 hours, cash/credit card accepted) from New York – Penn Station, to Springfield, MA. There is one train (the Vermonter) direct to Amherst that departs daily from Penn Station at approximately 11:30am and arrives in Amherst at 4:20.

Is Amherst safe to live?

Amherst has the lowest violent crime rates in the Nation. In seven of the past ten years of the ranking, Amherst checks in as America’s Safest City. The ranking is conducted by Morgan Quitno Press. It examines six violent crime categories – including murder, rape and robbery – in cities with more than 75,000 citizens.

Is Amherst a small town?

Disclaimer: This Best Small Town is not a town at all. Amherst is the quintessential New England town, and residents benefit from the academic, cultural, artistic and political events, activities and programs the colleges offer the community.

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Is UMass Amherst a party school?

UMass Amherst is stereotyped as a major party school, with the nickname “ZooMass.” The stereotypes usually go around drinking and partying also Violence and Riots. The campus is largely divided based on living areas – southwest is considered to be the party and jock area, filled with bro-heads and biddies.

Is Amherst prestigious?

Amherst College, nestled in the hills of western Massachusetts, was founded in 1821. It’s one of the nation’s most prestigious colleges. This year, more than 5,400 of the best and brightest students competed for just 423 places in the freshman class.

Which is the best UMass?

AMHERST, Mass. – For the fifth year in a row, the University of Massachusetts Amherst leads the pack in the Best Campus Food category of The Princeton Review, which ranks the top 20 universities and colleges in 62 different categories for 2021.

Is Amherst a good college town?

AMHERST – This week, Princeton Review said the University of Massachusetts has the best food on any college campus in the country and now has ranked the town of Amherst as the 4th best college town in the country.

How do I get from Boston to Amherst?

Amtrak operates a train from Boston South Station to Springfield Amtrak Station 3 times a week. Tickets cost $28 – $40 and the journey takes 2h 28m. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Boston to Amherst College via Springfield, Union Station Bay 17, HTC Bay 3, and Amherst Common in around 5h 22m.

How do I get to UMass Amherst?

Getting to UMass Amherst from Boston Logan Airport (BOS)

  1. Valley Transporter. 800-872-8752.
  2. Seemo Shuttle. 413-586-1120.
  3. Exclusive Car Service Inc. 877-695-4665.
  4. Bluebird Transportation. 413-221-4512.
  5. Michael’s Limousine & Transportation Service. 800-533-8470.