Often asked: How far is hangzhou from shanghai?

How much is the bullet train from Shanghai to Hangzhou?

Usually, between Shanghai and Hangzhou a D-train takes between 69 and 98 minutes at a cost of approximately 60 Yuan for a first-class seat.

Is Hangzhou worth visiting?

He said “Shanghai is nice, definitely worth visiting but in a lot of ways, it’s just like a lot of European cities. Hangzhou, however, is a more authentic Chinese city to visit – so much so that it’s where the Chinese go on holiday!”.

How do I get to Hangzhou?

Best Way to Visit Hangzhou from Shanghai

  1. Step 1: Early Highspeed Train from Shanghai to Hangzhou (One Hour Train Ride)
  2. Step 2: The Right Train Station in Hangzhou.
  3. Step 3: Interchange for the Subway Line 1 in Hangzhou.
  4. Step 4: Exit from Exit C at Longxiangqiao Station (龙翔桥站)
  5. Step 5: Turn Right and Walk about 100 meters for the West Lake.

How do I get from Pudong Airport to Hangzhou?

If you want to go to Hangzhou, you should not take Line 2 subway, but take Airport Line 5. The way to get to Shanghai South Railway Station is as follows: after you pick up your luggage at Pudong Airport, go to Airport Line 7 and buy tickets at the ticket booth. The ticket price is 20 yuan/per person.

What is Hangzhou famous for?

Hangzhou is famous for its tea and silk.

Hangzhou is the birthplace of Dragon Well (Longjing) tea, which is the most famous green tea in China and ranked as first among China’s top 10 teas. Ever since ancient times, Hangzhou, known as the “Capital of Tea in China”, has been a famous tea-production base in China.

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Is Hangzhou China safe?

Hangzhou is one of the safest cities in China, but small crime like pick pocketing is still rampant and you should keep alert at all times.

How far is Wuhan from Hangzhou?

Distance from Wuhan to Hangzhou is 567 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 352 miles.

Is Hangzhou a good place to live?

The expat community in Hangzhou is generally very supportive. People are very quick to help you out and give advice, which is great. Many people who become an expat in Hangzhou stay here for a long time. It’s a desirable Chinese city to live in and most people have positive things to say about living here.

Is Hangzhou close to Shanghai?

Shanghai to Hangzhou distance: 175 km (109mi)

The best and the fastest way is to travel by ShanghaiHangzhou bullet train which takes one hour and costs CNY50-80.

What language do they speak in Hangzhou?

The local language in Hangzhou is Wu Chinese (generally known these days as Shanghainese, although each city has a different variation). It is spoken over quite a broad area including most of East China.

How far is Zhejiang from Shanghai?

The distance between Shanghai and Zhejiang is 284 km. The road distance is 170.9 km.