Often asked: How to get to shanghai maplestory?

How do you get to Shaolin Temple Maplestory?

To visit the Shaolin Area, the World Tour NPC Spinel will be more than happy to whisk you off to this faraway land. Talk to her to be teleported to the temple.

How do I get Yu Garden coins?

As you complete daily quests for the citizens of Yu Garden, you’ll receive Yu Garden Coins (more about them, below) and Yu Garden Points, which correspond to your status in the town—Visitor (0 points), Resident (35 points), or Hero (80 points).

How do I start a Yu Garden?

How to get to Yu Garden

  1. Go to Six-Path Crossway, talk to the Shanghai Interdimentional Mirror located in the middle of the map, then use the nearest town scroll.
  2. You can register this on your rock.

Where is the book of demons Maplestory?

Go inside the room with the nine tail fox and the 2 other demons. The demon with the human mask is standing next to a bookshelf, where you should see shiny lights indicating where the book is. Try to stand on top of it by flash jumping and you should be able to obtain the book.

How often does diabolic Jiangshi spawn?

It’s pretty short either 15 or 30 mins. You can camp a channel to try and see how long it takes, but everyone just cc’s to complete the yu garden quests faster.

Where do you get glutinous rice in Maplestory?

Obtain 10 Glutinous Rices by hitting the Rice Plants at Abandoned Farms.

How do you get diabolic Jiangshi Metamorph potion?

For a Friend

  1. Obtain 5 Diabolic Jiangshi Talismans from Diabolic Jiangshi, and exchange them for 1. Diabolic Jiangshi Metamorph Potion via Suspicious Alchemist in Yu Garden.
  2. Talk to Daily Quest Board in Yu Garden.
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How do you get epic potential scroll in Maplestory reboot?

As of this moment, the places you can get 50% Epics are: Anniversary Event (120 coins) – Takes about 1-2days of coins which are easy to replenish. Shang Hai (Yu Garden) 30 Coins- Takes roughly 1-2 days of doing daily quests, the scrolls only shows up at specific times (I usually see it before reset).

What is frenzy totem Maplestory?

It’s a totem that gives you the skill Monolith that works like Kishin, it comes from Philospher Books at a very very low chance.

What is Fury totem Maplestory?

We have decided to name this item Fury Totem and once equipped, this totem will allow the player to use the Fury Totem skill. The Fury Totem skill will place an effect on the map that will provide the same effects as the newly revamped Kishin skill. This coupon will grant the player a Fury Totem with a 2-hour duration.

What is wild totem Maplestory?

Wild Totem is a totem with adjusted respawn speed to match that of the updated Kishin Shoukan skill. The price will be reduced to 1,800 Reward Points and the rest of this item’s details and usage will remain the same as the Fury Totem.