Often asked: How to make a tokyo rig?

How do you make a Neko Rig?

To create a Neko rig, start with a wacky rigged version of your favorite soft plastic stick bait, then insert a finishing nail, drywall screw, or specialized lead insert weight into one end. That’s it. By inserting a nail weight in one end, the Neko rig falls faster with a crazy darting and gliding action.

What is a Tokyo rig for bass fishing?

The Tokyo Rig combines aspects of the drop shot but with the power of traditional flipping and pitching setups thanks to welded o-ring construction, steel swivels, and a heavy-duty wide gap hook and dropper wire.

What is a free rig in fishing?

Another trick in Shin’s spawn-time arsenal is the “Free Rig,” and its something that he has quietly been catching fish on for a few years now. The idea of the rig is a free-flowing line that goes through the eye of the weight and as the weight falls, the soft plastic bait behind it flutters down.

What is Neko Rig?

The Neko Rig is a relatively new phenomenon in the bass community. Basically, it is a weighted version of a wacky rig with a weight inserted into just one end of the soft plastic, giving the bait a unique action as it falls and allows it to stand straight up once it hits the bottom.

What hooks for wacky rig?

My wacky rigging equipment consists of a 7-foot spinning rod with 8- or 10-pound Berkley Trilene® 100% Fluorocarbon line. As far as hooks go, I use a wacky rig hook: a short-shank, wide-gap hook with round bends. Just stick the hook point through the egg sac, or thickest portion, of the bait.

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What hooks for Neko Rig?

The essentials for a neko rig start with a wacky hook rigged with a 6mm O-ring to a wacky worm or stick bait and a nail or weight like the VMC Neko skirt.

What is a Tokyo rig in fishing?

The Tokyo Rig is a deceptively simple set up that allows you to fish at a ll levels of the water, from a boat or from shore with minimal equipment. At its most basic, the Tokyo Rig is a hook attached to a short weighted wire, with a swivel. It is similar to a drop shot, but with a much shorter line on the bottom.

What is a ned rig in bass fishing?

The Ned rig is just a small chunk of a soft plastic stick bait threaded onto a light 1/16 to 1/4 ounce jighead. While any stick bait will work effectively, there are few better ned rig baits than the 10,000 Fish Sukoshi Bug. That’s it.