Often asked: What to do in shanghai for 3 days?

How many days should I spend in Shanghai?

The general wisdom here is that two days for Shanghai per say is enough. Make a list of the places that you wish to see and you’ll have an idea. When travelling to China, you should avoid three national holidays including Labor Day, National Day and Spring Festival. As for Shanghai, you’d better arrange three days.

Is Shanghai expensive to visit?

You should plan to spend around ¥665 ($102) per day on your vacation in Shanghai, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, ¥124 ($19) on meals for one day and ¥22 ($3.45) on local transportation.

What can you do in Shanghai for 2 days?

In Two Days in Shanghai

  • Jade Buddha Temple (Yufo Si)
  • Jin Mao Tower or Shanghai World Financial Center.
  • River Cruise.
  • Xintiandi.
  • Delicious Dumplings.
  • Strolling the French Concession.
  • Live Jazz.

How dangerous is Shanghai?

In terms of violent risks, Shanghai is not considered dangerous, unlike many other cosmopolitan cities. Police use modern technology and the city is under constant surveillance to stop criminal acts. Petty crimes are common, and the minimum attention is enough to prevent tourists to become victims of thieves.

Where do tourists stay in Shanghai?

Where to Stay in Shanghai

  • The Bund and People’s Square – If there’s a downtown to Shanghai, this is it.
  • Old Town – A place to catch a glimpse of “traditional” Shanghai.
  • French Concession – A cultural experience where colonial architecture meets modern trendy.
  • Jing’an – Vibrant expat community that has international vibes.
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How long do you expect to be in Shanghai?

Two or three days in Shanghai itself should be enough. There are not that many typical tourist sights to see, but the city itself is very pleasant to just roam around and has many spectacular views. You should consider a day or overnight trip to Suzhou, it is about an hour by train from Shanghai.

What is the best month to visit Shanghai?

The best time to visit Shanghai is from October to November. This short autumn season boasts comfortable temperatures and lacks the crowds and rain showers of summer – the peak tourism season. Winter travelers can encounter chilly weather, making urban exploration less enjoyable.

How much money do I need for 2 weeks in China?

You will need per day around $40 for hotels; $20 for food; $30 for tickets to attractions and $10 for transport. That comes to around $100 a day or $1400 for a 2 week trip.

Is English widely spoken in Shanghai?

Level of Spoken English and Signage in China

It’s possible that Shanghai has the most English speakers of any big city in Mainland China. And Hong Kong, according to the EF English Proficiency Index 2018, ranked at Moderate Proficiency.

What is Shanghai best known for?

15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

  1. Shanghai’s Promenade: The Bund. Shanghai’s Promenade: The Bund.
  2. Yu Garden. Yu Garden.
  3. The Jade Buddha Temple. The Jade Buddha Temple.
  4. The Shanghai Museum. The Shanghai Museum.
  5. Longhua Temple and Pagoda. Longhua Temple and Pagoda.
  6. The Oriental Pearl Tower. The Oriental Pearl Tower.
  7. Shop ’til You Drop on Nanjing Road.
  8. People’s Square.
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What should I buy in Shanghai?

15 Uniquely Chinese Things to Buy in Shanghai

  • Tea Sets. In order to fully enjoy a cup of tea, it needs to be properly made, and Chinese sets are the best tools for enhancing the scents and tastes of tea.
  • Ceramics. Along with silk, ceramics and porcelain have been in use by the Chinese for thousands of years.
  • Fans.
  • Handicrafts.
  • Art Objects.
  • Silk.
  • Sweets.
  • Fabrics.

What should I avoid in Shanghai?

  • Things to avoid in Shanghai.
  • Avoid bringing only your credit cards or big bank notes.
  • Do not trust the apps you normally use.
  • Things to avoid in Shanghai for better comfort: carry toilet paper along.
  • Do not to expect everyone to understand your English.
  • Avoid eating at a local cheap bistro.

Is Shanghai an expensive city?

In terms of high-end residential properties, the most expensive city is Monaco, followed by Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, and New York. Shanghai comes in seventh place, behind Singapore. London is the most expensive city to live in the EMEA region, ranking seventh most expensive overall.

What should I avoid in China?

Top 12 Things Not to Do in China

  • Don’t drink tap water in China.
  • Don’t trust a stranger that will take you to a teahouse or a show.
  • Don’t make someone lose face.
  • Don’t visit a Chinese person’s home without a gift.
  • Don’t leave your chopsticks vertically in your food.
  • Don’t use one hand to give or receive things.
  • Don’t take the first “Yes or No” literally.