Often asked: Where is opryland in nashville?

How far is the Inn at Opryland from downtown Nashville?

The Inn at Opryland is 8.7 mi from the Country Music Hall of Fame. The shopping, dining and entertainment of downtown Nashville is within a 15-minute drive of the hotel.

What is there to do at Gaylord Opryland?

7 Things You Can Only Do at Gaylord Opryland Resort

  • Wander the jaw-dropping gardens.
  • Hop aboard the Delta Riverboat …
  • 3. … or take a cruise on the General Jackson Showboat.
  • Splash around at SoundWaves.
  • Come see us at the Grand Ole Opry.
  • See WSM broadcast live at its fish-bowl studio.
  • Pose next to your idols at Madame Tussauds.

How do I get into Gaylord Opryland?

Walk through the gate to the left of the event center and follow the walkway under the green awning. It takes you to a side entrance in the Delta area of the hotel. Once you are in the hotel, take your time to walk through the different gardens.

Where in Nashville is the Grand Ole Opry?

An integral part of Opry history, Ryman Auditorium was home to the Grand Ole Opry from 1943 to 1974. Now, the Ryman hosts many Opry shows in downtown Nashville, and has its own rich history and stories to tell. The new television network for country music fans, and the official network of the Grand Ole Opry.

Where do the celebrities go in Nashville?

We’ve put together a list of places celebrities like to visit in Nashville.

  • Bluebird Cafe.
  • Whole Foods in Green Hills.
  • The Mall at Green Hills.
  • Pancake Pantry.
  • Clyde’s on Church Ping-Pong Bar.
  • Franklin, TN.
  • Bongo Java on Belmont Blvd.
  • Pinewood Social.
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Is there a shuttle from Opryland Hotel to downtown Nashville?

The Wildhorse Shuttle provides transportation back and forth from Opryland to downtown Nashville, with stops at the Ryman Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Wildhorse Saloon. The shuttle runs from 10 a.m. to 11:35 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 10 a.m. to 1:35 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

How much is the boat ride in Opryland Hotel?

The Adult tickets are $10.50, Children 4-11 $8.50.

Does Gaylord Opryland have free breakfast?

Hot breakfast and WiFi are free.

Can you just walk around Opryland Hotel?

Yes, you can walk through the beautiful atriums for free even if you are not staying at the hotel. You can shop in the many shops and you can eat in the restaurants or eat by the water, but these of course are not free. Parking in the lots is $26.00 per day.

How much is parking at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel?

As a rule, expect to pay $5.00 per hour when parking in an off-street lot or garage. Parking for 24 hours will cost upwards of $24.00. Monthly parking costs around $125.

How much is soundwaves at Opryland?

Admission is $49.99 per person, with children 3 and under free.

How much is uber from Nashville airport to Gaylord Opryland Hotel?

Total Fare: ~ 8,164.63 $

An Black SUV car can pick you up in ~3 min. Distance between Airport and Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center is approx. 2019.48 miles (3250.03 km) with 1773 min travel time. This Uber estimate from Airport to Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center was updated 640 days ago.

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What neighborhood should I stay in Nashville?

Where to stay in Nashville

  • Downtown. Downtown is Nashville’s economic and tourism hub, as well as the geographic center of the city.
  • East Nashville. East Nashville has a love-hate relationship with the “hip” moniker it’s earned over the years.
  • The Gulch.
  • SoBro.
  • Germantown.

How far is Memphis from Nashville?

The total driving distance from Memphis, TN to Nashville, TN is 212 miles or 341 kilometers.

What is the difference between Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium?

Occasionally the Opry does a run of shows at the Ryman Auditorium downtown. The Ryman was the long-standing home of the Opry, but they moved out to the Gaylord complex in the late 70s. So, going to the Opry, you are going to a particular kind of show that is broadcast live.