Question: How far is rio from sao paulo?

Is there a train from Rio to Sao Paulo?

The RioSão Paulo High-Speed Rail (Portuguese: Trem de Alta Velocidade RioSão Paulo; Abbreviation: TAV RJ-SP) is a planned high-speed rail project to connect São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

How long is the drive from Sao Paulo to Rio?

How long is the drive from RIO to Sao Paulo, Brazil? The total driving time is 5 hours, 14 minutes.

Should I visit Rio or Sao Paulo?

If you want to visit some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world and some of the best beaches, then head to Rio. If you want to eat, shop and party, São Paulo is for you. But if you want to truly get a more complete picture of Brazil, include both in your itinerary.

Is Rio worth visiting?

I totally can see why so many people are in love with Rio de Janeiro and how the city got its title of one of the most beautiful and worth visiting places in the world. It has everything that a tourist can wish for: breathtaking views, interesting background, iconic beaches, rich culture and fine cuisine.

Is it worth visiting Sao Paulo?

While it is certainly best appreciated by people who live in São Paulo, as a way of escaping the noise and rush, it is well worth a visit by tourists, especially those who want to tour its excellent museums.

Is Sao Paulo more dangerous than Rio?

Definitely Sao Paulo, Rio has a lot of crime in the Favelas where drugs are sold and criminals use as hideouts because police is absent however the crime is not directed at Gringoes going there to buy drugs. Sao Paulo has more organized and dangerous criminals whereas in Rio they are more like unprofessional.

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Is Sao Paulo dangerous?

Whilst much of downtown São Paulo is safe by day, as night falls it can become dangerous. São Paulo is not really a pedestrianised city, and walking anywhere at night can be dangerous. Especially when alone. But, like so many places, the city has its good and bad parts.

Can I drive in Brazil with US license?

In most cases, you can be driving in Brazil with a US license, passport, and IDP. If you want to vacation in Brazil for over 180 days, you will need to apply for a Brazilian driver’s license.

Is Copacabana beach safe?

You are relatively safe on Copacabana Beach during the daylight when there are many people around, but your chances drop significantly lower when you visit the beach after dark. There is no reason for you to be on Copacabana Beach after dark (especially not recommended for solo travelers).

Why is Sao Paulo so popular?

It has Brazil’s best restaurants

As it is such a cosmopolitan city, São Paulo has an enviable variety of restaurants. Of course, being the largest city in the country, São Paulo also attracts Brazil’s best chefs, who have all opened restaurants in the metropolis, serving the finest food the nation has to offer.

Is Sao Paulo expensive?

São Paulo is the most expensive city in Brazil for eating out, but restaurant prices are largely affordable for tourists coming from Europe or the USA.

How many days do you need in Sao Paulo?

2 days is enough for Sao Paulo. The city has some great museums and parks, awesome views from the Banesco and Italian buildings. The city is not really primed for tourists though, much more for business travellers. Brazilian time is better spent elsewhere.

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Is Rio safe 2020?


According to the score of 43%, Rio de Janeiro is not completely safe city. As in any other tourist destination, tourists need to be very watchful and remain vigilant throughout their whole stay in this incredible city.

What is the best month to visit Brazil?

Brazil’s summer is DecMar, and winter JunSep – but heat and humidity rise the further north you go. Overall, SepOct is the best time to visit Brazil – avoiding major vacation periods, the chilly southern winter and soggy season in the Pantanal – as well as enjoying cheaper prices.

What is the best time to visit Rio de Janeiro?

The best time to visit Rio is between December and March, when the weather is warm and sunny enough to hit the beaches. The city’s seductive samba beat and incredible panoramic views last year-round, but arrive in February to experience Carnival.