Question: How far is southaven ms from memphis tn?

Is Southhaven safe?

A closer look at Mississippi’s safest cities of 2020

Horn Lake and Southaven each dropped one place this year, but still remain in the top five. Three cities (60%) kept the property crime rate lower than the national average and four (80%) stayed below the state rate.

What city in Mississippi is closest to Memphis?

1. Southaven, Mississippi. Just south of the Tennessee border lies Southaven, Mississippi. It sits about 14 miles away from Memphis and is connected to the city by Interstate 55.

How far is Southaven MS to Memphis TN?

Distance from Southaven, MS to Memphis, TN

There are 11.20 miles from Southaven to Memphis in northwest direction and 13 miles (20.92 kilometers) by car, following the I-55 N route. Southaven and Memphis are 16 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

How safe is Memphis?

Memphis is generally a safe city for tourists. You’ll notice a lot of police presence downtown (especially around Beale Street) in both the day and night, but travelers should still exercise caution in tourist areas, which are known to have a high concentration of panhandlers.

What is the most dangerous city in MS?

In 2017-2018 the violent crime rate dropped 8%. The city listed in Mississippi as the safest is Madison. As of 2018 there were only 18 violent crimes. The most violent city in Mississippi is Jackson, Mississippi as of in 2020.

What is the most dangerous city in the world?

The Most Dangerous Cities In The World

Rank City Homicides
1 Tijuana 2,640
2 Acapulco 948
3 Caracas 2,980
4 Ciudad Victoria 314
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Is Memphis a dangerous city?

Unfortunately for the people of Memphis, Tennessee, their city was ranked the most dangerous in the country, according to a new study released Tuesday by Clever Real Estate. “Those numbers equate to a rate of about 1,142 violent crimes per 100,000 people in the Memphis area — nearly seven times the rate in Denver.”

How close is Memphis to Mississippi?

Distance from Mississippi to Memphis is 316 kilometers.

This air travel distance is equal to 196 miles.

Is Memphis in two states?

Memphis is a city along the Mississippi River in southwestern Shelby County, Tennessee, United States. The city is the anchor of West Tennessee and the greater Mid-South region, which includes portions of neighboring Arkansas, Mississippi, and the Missouri Bootheel.

How far is Olive Branch MS from Memphis?

There are 17.95 miles from Olive Branch to Memphis in northwest direction and 19 miles (30.58 kilometers) by car, following the US-78 W route. Olive Branch and Memphis are 26 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

Is Southaven MS a good place to live?

Southaven is in DeSoto County and is one of the best places to live in Mississippi. Living in Southaven offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Many families and young professionals live in Southaven and residents tend to have moderate political views.

How did Olive Branch Mississippi get its name?

When the first post office was established in 1846, Mrs. Frances Wilson Blocker – a descendant of one of the community’s founders – suggested the name Olive Branch. She felt the new name symbolized a dove bringing a branch to the seagoing Noah.

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Is Graceland in the ghetto?

The lobby and other common areas are cool for Elvis fans with the Elvis overload and tacky ’70’s style. Also the area that it is located may have been nice when Elvis bought Graceland, but it is now in the ghetto.

What are the bad areas of Memphis?

The most dangerous areas in Memphis is based on data from the local law enforcement agency and when not available, also includes estimates based on demographic data.

  • Downtown.
  • Parkway Village-Oakhaven.
  • Shelby Forest-Frayser.
  • Berclair-Highland Heights.
  • Midtown.
  • White Haven-Coro Lake.
  • Raleigh.
  • East Memphis-Colonial-Yorkshire.

How dangerous is Memphis 2020?

Crime rates in the most dangerous metros

2020 rank Metro area Violent crime per 1,000
National average 3.7
1 Anchorage, AK 12.6
2 Albuquerque, NM 10.9
3 Memphis, TN 11.4