Question: Island where tokyo is?

What are the 5 main islands of Japan?

Japan, which extends roughly 4000 km from northeast to southwest along the northeastern coast of the Eurasia mainland, comprises five main islands, Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa, with countless “rito” – remote (or small) islands.

What is the main island of Japan called?

Honshu, largest of the four main islands of Japan, lying between the Pacific Ocean (east) and the Sea of Japan (west).

How many islands does Tokyo have?

Among the 219 islands of Tokyo, the 11 islands that have residents are called the Tokyo Islands, i.e., the nine Izu Islands of Oshima, Toshima, Niijima, Shikinejima, Kozushima, Miyakejima, Mikurashima, Hachijojima, Aogashima, and the two Ogasawara Islands of Chichijima and Hahajima.

What is another name for Honshu?


Native name: 本州
Highest point Mount Fuji
Prefectures show Tōhoku show Kantō show Chūbu show Kansai show Chūgoku

What is the prettiest place in Japan?

Crazy-Gorgeous Things to See in Japan That Aren’t Cherry Blossoms

  • Osaka Castle, Osaka.
  • Biei Blue Pond, Shirogane, Hokkaido Prefecture.
  • Itsukushima Shrine, Hiroshima.
  • Shikisai-no-oka, Hokkaido Prefecture.
  • Nara Deer Park, Nara Prefecture.
  • Fushimi Inari, Kyoto.
  • Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo.
  • Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park, Nagano.

Which is the smallest island in Japan?

Shikoku, island, the smallest of the four main islands of Japan. It is separated from Honshu by the Inland Sea (north) and the Kii Strait (east) and from Kyushu by the Bungo Strait (west).

What are the 4 major islands in Japan?

Along with Hokkaido, Honshu, and Kyushu, Shikoku is one of the four main islands that make up the Japanese archipelago.

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Why is Japan’s flag a red dot?

The Japanese flag is made up of a red circle, symbolizing the sun, against a white background. It is known as the hinomaru in Japanese, meaning “circle of the sun.” Because Japan lies at the far West of the Pacific Ocean, the sun rises spectacularly over the sea to the East.

What country has the most Island?

Website claims that out of all countries on the planet, Sweden has the most islands with 221,800, the majority of which are uninhabited.

Is Tokyo in Japan or China?

Tokyo is the political and economic center of the country, as well as the seat of the Emperor of Japan and the national government. As of 2021, the prefecture has an estimated population of 13,960,236.

Is Japan an island or archipelago?

Japan is an island country comprising a stratovolcanic archipelago over 3,000 km (1,900 mi) along East Asia’s Pacific coast. It consists of 6,852 islands. The 5 main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku and Okinawa.

Is Okinawa a part of Japan?

Okinawa, though part of Japan, is an island so distinct that it maintains an identity all its own, yet, in protecting its culture from outside influences, it’s had little trouble. The largest of the Ryukyu Islands, Okinawa was part of the independent Ryukyu Kingdom from the 15th to 19th centuries.

How far is Honshu from Tokyo?

The distance between Tokyo and Honshū Island is 163 km. The road distance is 221.2 km.

How do you write Honshu in Japanese?

本州 (Honshū): Honshu.

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How far across is Japan?

Japan – Location, size, and extent

It extends 3,008 km (1,869 mi) NE – SW and 1,645 km (1,022 mi) SE – NW and has a total coastline of 29,751 km (18,486 mi).