Question: Who plays deacons dad on nashville?

Who plays Deacons father on Nashville?

No, it’s not the Phantom of the Opry, it’s Deacon’s long-estranged father – played beautifully by veteran actor-musician Ronny Cox, perhaps best-known for his memorable banjo-playing role in the otherwise deeply disturbing Deliverance, and as Dr. John Gideon in the TV classic St. Elsewhere.

Does Daphne call Deacon dad?

When Deacon asks Rayna to marry him, she feels she is replacing Teddy as a father figure. Prior to her death, Daphne addesses Deacon as ‘Dad‘ for the first time, asking him if Rayna can still hear them.

Does Deacon die on Nashville?

On its final episode “Nashville” found a way for viewers to see Rayna Jaymes and Deacon Claybourne together again, one last time. Midway through season five, the character died after being involved in a grisly car accident, leaving her grieving husband, Deacon (Charles Esten), and their two children behind.

Who played Gideon on Nashville?

In 2018, Cox played Gideon Claybourne on season 6 of Nashville.

Does deacon get a new girlfriend?

“Nashville” returns Wednesday night with a brand-new episode … and a new girlfriend for Deacon. And y’all, it’s not Rayna (Connie Britton)! “Rayna’s (marriage) to Teddy kept her from having to deal with things for a long time,” she added.

Does Deacon marry on Nashville?

In the most emotional part of the finale, Deacon has a flashback to his wedding night with Rayna, forgives his father (Ronnie Cox) and invites him on stage where the two are soon joined by the cast and crew of the show, including creator Callie Khouri who thanked the city of Nashville, ending the show with “And may we

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Is deacon the father of Rayna’s daughter?

Season Two

She reveals to Juliette that Deacon is her biological father. Rayna is soon released from hospital, but her relationship with her elder daughter continues to be tested.

Who is the father of Juliette Barnes baby?

Fortunately the father of the baby turns out to be Avery and she tells him at the CMAs that they are expecting a girl. After talking to his mother about his future with Juliette, he decides to propose to her and they marry in a small ceremony.

Does deacon go to jail?

Sitting in jail after driving drunk — and causing his passenger, Connie Britton’s Rayna Jaymes, to fall into a coma — Deacon is struggling to come to terms not only with his alcoholism, but the shocking bombshell revelation revealed on the season 1 finale that Rayna’s oldest daughter, Maddie, is his.

Why did Nashville kill off Rayna James?

Connie Britton‘s “Nashville” character, Rayna, was killed of this week’s episode of the country music series, sealing Britton’s fate — the actress is leaving the show. She felt that creatively, she wanted to move on from the show, and she was very torn because she loved the show.

Why did Nashville get Cancelled?

‘ In the end, that’s exactly what fans did, with ratings in Season 4 drawing nearly 2 million fewer viewers than at the series’ first season. Less ratings mean less ad money, and less ad money means less profit for the network. Less profit for the network eventually means cancellation.

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Who does deacon end up with in Nashville?

He had been sober for thirteen years until he found out that Maddie was his biological daughter. He then relapsed and began drinking for a short amount of time, before getting sober again. In Season Four, he married Rayna Jaymes, who was later fatally injured in car crash.

Do Maddie and twig end up together?

Twig takes his anger out on Jonah and later refuses to go to Europe with him. He meets Maddie at the benefit concert for the ranch and tells her what he did. They kiss and become a couple. In the series finale, Maddie decides to call off her relationship with him as she wants to be on her own for the time being.

What is Deacon’s first name on Nashville?


Actor Character First episode
Charles Esten Deacon Claybourne 1.01
Jonathan Jackson Avery Barkley 1.01
Sam Palladio Gunnar Scott 1.01