Quick Answer: How to get from osaka to tokyo?

How long is the bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo?

It’s very easy to travel between Tokyo and Osaka. The shinkansen (bullet train) takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes and costs Y13,620.

What is the cheapest way to get from Tokyo to Osaka?

Summary of transport options from Tokyo to Osaka

The fastest, easiest and most convenient option is the Shinkansen, especially if you have a Japan Rail Pass or are looking to arrive quick-fast. The cheapest option is usually a highway bus, followed by flights—but these are both a bit time-consuming.

How much does it cost to travel from Tokyo to Osaka by train?

The fastest way to travel between Tokyo and Osaka is via the Nozomi trains on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line. In just 2 hours and 30 minutes, you can get from Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station. A one-way trip costs 13,620 yen (unreserved seat) or 14,650 yen (reserved seat), and is not covered by the JR Pass.

How do I get from Osaka to Tokyo with JR Pass?

If you are a Japan Rail Pass holder, the best way to get from Osaka to Tokyo is by taking the Tokaido Shinkansen. The Hikari and Kodama trains on this line are covered by the pass, and can take you from Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka to either Shinagawa Station or Tokyo Station in Tokyo in under 3 hours.

Is it cheaper to fly to Tokyo or Osaka?

It is considerably cheaper to fly in and out of Tokyo than to include one leg of the trip going through either Osaka airport (flying from US). We would of course save time by flying through different airports since this would help us avoid backtracking, but it is about an extra $350 USD per person.

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How many days in Osaka is enough?

3 days in Osaka is the recommended time to stay. It gives you the flexibility to decide when and where you go. Whether it is taking a day trip to the Nara Deer Park or spending an afternoon relaxing in the world-famous Spa World, you will have enough time to cover the things you must see it Osaka.

Should I visit Tokyo or Osaka?

In comparison, Tokyo is much bigger and offers more number of tourist attractions such as Tokyo Tower, Asakusa Sensoji, Shibuya Crossing and more. Osaka offers a great number of tourist attractions, too, including Dotonbori neon lights, Osaka Castle and Kaiyukan Aquarium, but the scale is just smaller than in Tokyo.

Is Osaka cheaper than Tokyo?

While Osaka is slightly cheaper than Tokyo overall, the price of consumer goods (especially branded consumer goods) is more or less the same. However, since hotels, transportation and even food in Osaka are likely to be cheaper than they are in Tokyo, you’ll have more money leftover for shopping in Osaka vs. Tokyo.

Is it worth getting a JR Pass?

Yes! By purchasing a 7-day JR Pass for this trip, you save at least ¥21,290 or $200 per person! You’d even save money if you bought a 14-day pass, which you might consider if your trip is longer. You could then use it for both journeys on the Narita Express from the airport and local trains and day trips from Tokyo.

How many days is enough in Tokyo?

But, for most mortals with jobs and limited budgets, I’d suggest spending three or four days in Tokyo. For example, if you have a week to spend in Japan, I’d recommend three days in Tokyo and four in Kyoto. If you need help deciding how much time to spend in Tokyo versus Kyoto, see my Tokyo or Kyoto page.

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How much is a 7 day rail pass in Japan?

How much does a Japan Rail Pass Cost?

Type: Green Ordinary
Duration Adult Adult
7-day 39,600 YEN 29,650 YEN
14-day 64,120 YEN 47,250 YEN
21-day 83,390 YEN 60,450 YEN

How many days do I need in Kyoto?

Five days in Kyoto is the perfect amount of time to spend in Kyoto. You can explore the main sightseeing districts and take a daytrip to Nara. This itinerary allows you to get the best out of five full days in the city.

Do I need to book Shinkansen in advance?

Order Shinkansen Tickets At Least 3 Days In Advance

You must order at least 3 days in advance before the day of travel. I would advise you to book your shinkansen tickets as far in advance as you can, during peak season like Christmas and New Year, cherry blossom season (April) and fall foliage season (November).

Does JR pass cover Tokyo to Osaka?

Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka are connected with by the Tokaido Shinkansen line, included with the Japan Rail Pass.

Is JR Pass useful in Osaka?

Other than the Osaka Loop Line, or going to the airport, there is not that much use for any kind of JR pass in Osaka city. The main JR stations that a visitor might use in Osaka city are at USJ, Osaka station (to Kyoto/Kobe/Himeji/KIX), Tennoji (to KIX), and Shin-Osaka (for Shinkansen trains).