FAQ: How Do You Grow Lotus Seeds Indoors?

Important gardening tips for growing Lotus indoors

  1. Lotus need 6 hours sun a day.
  2. Keep Lotus away from flowing water.
  3. Don’t allow your pot to freeze solid in winter.
  4. Don’t submerge the growing leaves.
  5. Re-pot your Lotus in a larger container.
  6. Protect your young Lotus from birds and crustaceans.
  7. Fertilize in summer.

How long does it take to grow lotus from seed?

How long after planting the seeds will the flowers take to bloom? Your seeds should start to sprout after 4 or 5 days of soaking. However, if you transfer them to the potting container too early, they will likely fail. If you wait too long, your seedlings will start to grow leaves.

Can lotus grow in just water?

Taller varieties of lotus can grow in water up to 18 inches or deeper, while dwarf varieties do best in water two to 12 inches deep. In winter, lotuses can be left in the pond so long as the tubers are protected from ice.

Are lotus flowers easy to grow?

Beautiful, tropical looking, it’s actually easy to grow a lotus plant. Cold hardy to zone 5, you can grow and leave a lotus outdoors in Chicago!

Does lotus grow land?

Most people think they must have a pond to plant a sacred lotus, the truth of the matter, is that you can grow lotus outside the pond, in a flower bed or on your deck or patio! Sacred lotus do not need a pond or moving water to grow and bloom.

How long do lotus flowers live?

Expect a lotus plant to blossom throughout the summer and the flowers to live for three days. The first day, the flower will fully bloom in the morning or early afternoon.

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Can you grow lotus in soil?

Lotus are strong growers, so make sure there are no drain holes in the container that would allow roots to get out. Lotus can quickly rot in organically rich soil so it is best to use clay soil or potting mix made especially for pond plants. Add soil until it is about 3″ deep in the lotus container.

Which soil is best for growing lotus?

Best to grow in a soil or garden loam rather than a potting mix if using in a pot to submerge in a pond or water garden.

How do I save lotus seeds?

Fill a resealable plastic bag with peat moss. Bury the seeds in the peat moss. Store the plastic bag in a cool, dry location such as a refrigerator or dark cupboard. Do not allow the seeds to freeze.

Is a water lily a lotus?

In the world of flowering aquatic plants, nothing beats a water lily or a lotus flower. The biggest difference is that water lilies (Nymphaea species) leaves and flowers both float on the water’s surface while lotus (Nelumbo species) leaves and flowers are emergent, or rise above the water’s surface.

How do you grow a lotus flower in a bowl?

Lotus grows best in heavy soil rich in organic matter, such as a potting mixture formulated for pond plants. Fill the bottom of the bowl with enough soil to bury the lotus rhizome fully, and wet the soil thoroughly before planting. You should plant the lotus in spring, to take advantage of its natural blooming cycle.