FAQ: Is Cathay Pacific Economy Comfortable?

Experience greater comfort than ever in our Economy seat, ergonomically designed with cushioning and an adjustable headrest to provide maximum support for your head and neck. Take advantage of the ample legroom to really stretch out during your journey.

Is Cathay Pacific economy good?

If you’re flying economy or premium economy to Asia, Cathay Pacific is a solid option. That’s because it boasts perks like wider seats, complimentary drinks, tasty meal options, the option for extended legroom seats and even a beer perfectly formulated for consumption at 35,000 feet, all with little or no added cost.

Which international airline has the most comfortable economy seats?

The 5 Most Comfortable Airlines for Flying Economy

  1. JetBlue. Seat dimensions. Seatback screens. Wifi. Power outlets.
  2. Emirates. Seat dimensions. Seatback screens. Wifi.
  3. Delta Air Lines. Seat dimensions. Seatback screens. Wifi.
  4. Hawaiian Airlines. Seat dimensions. Seatback screens. Wifi.
  5. Alaska Airlines. Seat dimensions. Seatback screens. Wifi.

Is Cathay Pacific better than Emirates?

Emirates has a Skytrax rating of 4-stars, while Cathay Pacific is one of just 10 airlines to rate 5-stars. Meanwhile, Cathay Pacific’s long and short haul business class and short haul economy class score 5-stars, with the three remaining categories receiving 4.5-stars.

Whats the difference between economy and premium economy on Cathay Pacific?

The Premium Economy cabin is its own separate space with just 26-34 seats. Those seats are also wider than the standard Economy class versions, with an incredible 38-inch seat pitch, six more inches than in Economy. The seats also have eight inches of recline which is ultimately what made my sleep experience possible.

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Do Cathay Pacific have premium economy?

Your Premium Economy seat has a generous recline, expanded legroom and a supported head rest. Full-length calf rests and leather-padded footrests, already on A350 fleet and selected B777-300ER aircrafts, will make your journey even more comfortable.

Is Cathay Pacific a good flight?

Cathay Pacific Airways is Certified as a 5-Star Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness etc, and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff.

Which international airline has best legroom in economy?


  • Aeromexico and Interjet: 34 inches.
  • Japan Airlines and Turkish Airlines: 33-34 inches.
  • South African Airways: 33.5 inches.
  • ANA and EVA Airways: 32-34 inches.
  • Asiana and Air China: 32-33 inches.

Which International Airlines is the most comfortable?

The following is a summary of the air carrier that offer the most seat space in economy for domestic and international flights:

  • Jet Blue.
  • Air Canada.
  • Virgin America.
  • Hawaiian Airlines.
  • American Airlines.
  • Cathay Pacific.
  • Emirates.

Why is economy class so uncomfortable?

He found that American, Delta, and United Airlines offer in some aircrafts a seat pitch, or the distance between rows of seats, of only 30 inches in economy. Besides size, some design experts say airplane seats are not well-designed for human bodies, which explains why they’re so uncomfortable.

Is Singapore Airlines better than Cathay Pacific?

The verdict? It’s a close call but Singapore Airlines pulls ahead of Cathay Pacific for customer satisfaction. Singapore Airlines received an overall score of 8/10 and 4-star ratings in all categories such as food and beverages, inflight entertainment, seat comfort, staff service and value for money.

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Which are the best seats in economy class?

Exit rows, aisle or window seats, and seats close to the front are typically considered the best seats on a plane. On a short business trip, you might want an aisle seat near the front of the plane so you can debark as quickly as possible on arrival.

Are Cathay Pacific safe?

Cathay Pacific is one of only a few airlines to have maintained an award winning full service in-flight product and virtually flawless safety rating over the last few decades making it one of AirlineRatings.com’s favourite.

Is Cathay Pacific business class worth it?

Overall, I’m a huge fan of Cathay Pacific’s Airbus A350-1000 aircraft. The hard product is excellent. I love the new seat: it’s wide, has excellent storage, and it’s amazing to sleep on, which is really important for a business class experience. However, the soft product really let down the flight.

Do you get lounge access with Cathay Pacific Premium Economy?

There is no specific Cathay Pacific Premium Economy lounge and Premium Economy tickets alone doesn’t grant you lounge access. However, you can buy a pass if you’re Club member.

How much does it cost to upgrade to premium economy on Cathay Pacific?

An upgrade to Cathay Pacific Premium Economy is approximately $1200 more. Upgrading to Business Class is about an extra $4000.