How far is roswell new mexico from el paso texas

Driving distance from Roswell, NM to El Paso, TX The total driving distance from Roswell, NM to El Paso, TX is 206 miles or 332 kilometers. Your trip begins in Roswell, New Mexico. It ends in El Paso, Texas.

How far is Roswell from El Paso?

The total driving distance from El Paso , TX to Roswell , NM is 206 miles or 332 kilometers.

How far is El Paso from the ocean?

1,894.21 miles

How far is El Paso Texas to the Mexican border?

2 miles or 3 km

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How far is Roswell New Mexico from the Mexican border?

The total driving distance from Roswell , NM to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is 207 miles or 333 kilometers.

How far is Albuquerque from El Paso?

229.73 miles

Is El Paso a good place to live?

El Paso is among the Best Places to Live in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report rankings for 2017. The magazine ranked El Paso as No. 76 of 100 metro areas it studied based on quality of life, job market, value of living and people’s desire to live there.

What is El Paso known for?

Today, El Paso is known for its large military presence that is anchored by Fort Bliss, but on the flip side has an up and coming culinary scene. With a growing list of top-notch restaurants, museums, and theater this is a town worth getting to know.

Whats it like to live in El Paso?

El Paso is a very community friendly city. With a population ranging from 600-700 thousand people, at times it has the feels of a big city, and at other times the feel of a small town. A fair amount of fun things to do, and it’s surrounded by mountains for those outdoor enthusiast looking for hiking adventures.

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Is it expensive to live in El Paso Texas?

EL PASO , Texas (CBS4)– — El Paso is now ranked No. 1, as the city with the lowest cost of living . The ranking is based on median income and the cost of necessities needed to live comfortably. El Paso’s median income is $43,322, and the cost of necessities is $25,075.

Is El Paso Texas a safe city?

El Paso is the fifth safest large city in America, according to a business research company. AdvisorSmith, which offers business advice and research, released a new study, “Safest Cities in America,” which examined data from 3,107 cities .

Is El Paso mostly Hispanic?

In 1916, the Census Bureau reported El Paso’s population as 53% Mexican and 44% Non- Hispanic whites. Mining and other industries gradually developed in the area.

Does Max die in Roswell New Mexico?

When Roswell , New Mexico wrapped its first season, Liz’s entire world was flipped upside down. Suddenly, the sister she’d spent years grieving was back from the dead , and the man she finally let herself love was dead . And yes, Max is really dead .

Is Roswell New Mexico a safe place to live?

Does have high crime but overall has been a good place to live . Not much to do for you g kids. If your into nature this is best place to live . The life in Roswell is wonderful and all neighbors are friendly, it is a great jobs opportunities.

How far is Hobbs New Mexico from the Mexican border?

The total driving distance from Hobbs , NM to Juarez, Mexico is 235 miles or 378 kilometers. Mexico