How many gold cups has mexico won

How many times has El Salvador won the Gold Cup?

After sixteen total appearances, El Salvador ranks 7th in the tournament’s all- time table, and are the most successful team to never win the title.

What cup did Mexico win?

Gold Cup

Who won the Gold Cup 2018?


How many times has Haiti won the Gold Cup?

Since the inaugural tournament in 1963, the Gold Cup was held 25 times and has been won by seven different nations, most often by Mexico (11 titles). Haiti are the only one of those seven who are no longer in the Top 10 of the tournament’s All- time Table. Haiti have won the tournament once, as hosts in 1973.

Has El Salvador ever beat Mexico in soccer?

Never before has El Salvador been so close to qualifying to their first ever FIFA U-17 World Cup. In the past history between these two teams, El Salvador has not been able to beat the Mexican team in the last four games, they have only tied one. (2-2 in 2007).

Why is El Salvador not in FIFA games?

FIFA has banned a former El Salvador coach for two years for his role in offering players money to perform well in a World Cup qualifying game , thereby helping his native Honduras. A previous match-fixing scandal forced El Salvador to rebuild its national team for the 2018 qualifying program.

What is the farthest Mexico has gone in a World Cup?

Mexico has never won a World Cup , and is looking to get over the hump of being bounced in the Round of 16. Mexico has advanced past the group stage in six straight World Cups , but has also lost in the Round of 16 the past six times. Fans have to look back to 1986 for the last time Mexico advanced past the Round of 16.

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How many times has Mexico beat USA?

Mexico has won in the United States twelve times , compiling a record of 12–11–16 (W–D-L). For most of the 20th century, the rivalry between the two nations was not significant due to the superiority of the Mexican team for the majority of that period.

Who is the best Mexican soccer player?

Hugo Sánchez

Who has won the most Gold Cups in soccer?


Who won the most Gold Cups?

Mexico national football team

Who has won the Gold Cup?

Gold Cup Winners 2010. 7/1. IMPERIAL COMMANDER (9 yo) 2011. 7/2F. LONG RUN (6 yo) 2012. 8/1. SYNCHRONISED (9 yo) 2013. 11/4F. BOBS WORTH (8 yo) 2014. 20/1. LORD WINDERMERE (8 yo) 2015. 7/1. CONEYGREE (8 yo) 2016. 9/4F. DON COSSACK (9 yo) 2017. 7/1. SIZING JOHN (7 yo)

How does US qualify for 2022 World Cup?

The top three finishers in the eight-team Final Round group will automatically qualify for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 , while the fourth-place finisher will enter a home-and-away intercontinental playoff with a country from another region in June 2022 .

When was the last time Haiti went to World Cup?

The World Cup Finals is the most widely viewed sporting event in the world , with an estimated 715.1 million people watching the 2006 tournament final . Haiti have appeared in the finals of the FIFA World Cup on one occasion in 1974. Mexico