How to get to mexico city

What airport do you fly into for Mexico City?

Benito Juárez International Airport

What is the best way to get around Mexico City?

The best way to get around Mexico City is via Uber or a taxi. The metro is another option. Not only is it fairly clean and quick, but you can ride for approximately $0.25. Plus, most popular tourist attractions are easily accessible by train.

Is Mexico City Safe 2020?

Simply put, the travel advisory means that Mexico City is safe . Anyone who’s planning to travel to Mexico City should also be aware that while petty crimes do occur in areas popular with tourists, most violent crimes are gang-related and take place far, far outside of frequented areas.

Can you take a train to Mexico City?

To get into Mexico by train , the only option is on luxurious private services like the Sierra Madre Express operating between Tuscon, Arizona and Mexico’s Copper Canyon. Tickets are available through specialist agents.

Are flights really cheaper on Tuesday?

Cheap days: In the U.S., Tuesday , Wednesday and Saturday are usually cheapest . For international travel, weekdays are usually cheaper than weekends. Expensive days: Fridays and Sundays usually cost more, especially in the U.S.

Are Mexican airports safe?

The Airport is one of the most safe place in all City, there are polices around, also there is video system in all gates and commun areas. I travel a lot via the airport of Mexico City and personally I feel safe inside the aiport. I have not read or heart anything negative about the safety of the airport .

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Is it safe to walk around Mexico City?

While it’s safe to stroll around neighborhoods like Juarez, Roma, Coyoacan, Condesa, and Polanco at night, walking around Doctores and parts of the Centro south and west of Bellas Artes is a little riskier. Check with your hotel or vacation rental host for on-the-ground intel on what parts of town to avoid.

Is Mexico City dangerous for tourists?

Generally, Mexico City is a safe place to travel.

Where should you avoid in Mexico City?

The Neighborhoods to Avoid in Order to Stay Safe in Mexico City Tepito. Tepito, essentially the black market of Mexico City , is one of those places that has a dicey reputation for a reason. La Merced Market. Doctores. Iztapalapa. Colonia Del Valle. Tlalpan, Xochimilco and Tlatelolco. Centro Histórico. Ciudad Neza.

How dangerous is Mexico City?

Both violent and non-violent crime occur throughout Mexico City . Use additional caution, particularly at night, outside of the frequented tourist areas where police and security patrol more routinely. Petty crime occurs frequently in both tourist areas and non-tourist areas.

Can I wear shorts in Mexico City?

Overall, people dress more formally than in the US. Mexico City is a big cosmopolitan hub, and locals tell us there aren’t inflexible fashion rules (except for the shorts thing). Local tip: Wearing shorts or workout clothing like yoga pants in public will make you look like a tourist.

Is Mexico City Expensive?

You should plan to spend around M$2,450 ($116) per day on your vacation in Mexico City , which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, M$195 ($9.23) on meals for one day and M$127 ($5.97) on local transportation.

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How do you pay for the bus in Mexico City?

To buy either the tickets (known as boletos) or the cards (which cost MXN$20), your first port of call is one of the ticket booths in any metro station, where you pay and state how many tickets / rides you want. Operating hours: From 5am-12am on weekdays, 6am-12am on Saturdays and 7am-12am on Sundays and bank holidays.

Is it safe to take the metro in Mexico City?

Re: Is it safe to use Metro in Mexico City ? Hi, it is safe to travel in the subway , there are cameras in every station and some lines have also cameras inside the trains and like any subway in the world you can find pick pockets . Just avoid rush hours as it can be extremely crowded.

How do I get a metro card in Mexico City?

These cards can be purchased and recharged at the vending machines found at every station (except for Line 4; most of the stops do not have the necessary vending machines for buying a card or recharging it). As with the metro , one ticket allows you to ride all 5 lines and transfer at will between the lines. Mexico