Mexico in december where to go

Where should I go in Mexico in December?

Here are 8 destinations in Mexico where you can escape the cold in style. 01 of 08. Riviera Maya. 02 of 08. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. 03 of 08. Cabo San Lucas. 04 of 08. Puerto Vallarta. Tulum. Robert Pittman/CC BY-ND 2.0/Flickr. 06 of 08. Cozumel. 07 of 08. Tequila Country. 08 of 08. Monarch Butterfly Reserves.

Is it a good time to go to Mexico in December?

The best time to visit Mexico is during the dry season between December and April, when there is virtually no rain. The coolest months are between December and February, although temperatures can still reach averages of 82°F during the dry season.

What part of Mexico is the warmest in December?

Ocean Temperature

Beach °F °C
Caribbean Beaches
Cancun 80 27
Cozumel 80 27
Tulum 80 27

How cold is it in Mexico in December?

Temperatures in Mexico City are around 70-75 °F during the day and drop to approximately 40 °F during the night. In Yucatán, the temperatures are around 80-85 °F and in Baja California, the days are pleasant with 85, and sometimes up to 90 °F.

Is Mexico still hot in December?

You’ll get plenty of hot weather and sun in December , so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a winter break. Large parts of Mexico , including the Yucatán Peninsula, have a tropical climate. You find things a bit more comfortable in December though, compared to the hotter, more humid and also wetter summer months.

Can you swim in Mexico in December?

When to go to Mexico (summary): The best time to visit Mexico is during the dry season between December and April when there is little rain and lots of sun. The coolest months are December , January, and February, although it’s usually still warm enough for swimming and sunbathing.

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What is the cheapest month to go to Mexico?


When should I avoid Mexico?

If you want to skip the crowds on your trip, avoid spots like Cancun in March and April when Spring Break takes place. May, just as rainy season begins, and November, when hurricane season ends, are two of Mexico’s quietest months.

What should I avoid in Cancun?

10 Travel Mistakes to Avoid in Cancun Exchanging money at the airport. Choosing your hotel by price alone. Taking a taxi at the airport. Buying everything at the listed price. Drinking water from the faucet. Booking tours from stand-alone tour guides. Visiting during Spring Break. Only packing beachwear.

Is it warm enough to swim in Cabo in December?

December travelers to Cabo can expect warm , sunny days and comfortable temperatures. Once winter hits in Cabo , the temperatures “cool down” to a comfortable average of 68 degrees, with the water temperatures ranging from 72-75.

Does it rain a lot in Cancun in December?

Rain and Humidity in Cancun During December Looking at rain in Cancun during December you should expect 6 rainy days throughout the whole month. December is the 6th wettest month of the year so it’s fair to say it’s neither a dry month nor a wet month when looking at the year as a whole.

Is Cancun hot in December?

Cancun Weather in December : December is a phenomenal time to be in Cancun ! Days are warm , nights are cool and comfortable, and skies are sunny and clear. (Average Max Temperature: 28°C, Average Rainfall: 70mm, Days with Rain: 7, Ocean Temperature: 27°C.)

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Does Cancun get cold in December?

Re: Is cancun actually too cold in December ? It depends on your definition of ‘too cold ‘. From mid December to around early February, temps can vary from 30 C-ish highs to lows of only 15 C- that low would be very very rare, but I have read about days like that over the years-it does happen.

Can I travel to Mexico right now?

While the U.S.- Mexico land border is currently restricted to essential travel , air travel between the United States and Mexico is permitted. Technically, there’s a ban on nonessential travel across the border through November 21.

Does Mexico ever get cold?

Winter climates in Mexico’s central highlands range from temperate to cool, and can turn cold on occasions. Mexico’s northern regions (as well as Mexico’s Copper Canyon) can experience sub-zero temperatures and even snowfall through the winter months. Mexico