Question: Is Wayside School Still On Tv?

Teletoon greenlit two seasons of Wayside consisting of thirteen half-hour episodes each, and they aired from 2007 to 2008; the series also aired briefly on Nickelodeon in the U.S. during this time. Reruns of the show currently air on YTV and Disney Channel in Canada.

Wayside (TV series)

Directed by Riccardo Durante


Where can I watch the wayside show?

Watch Wayside | Prime Video.

Was wayside Cancelled?

There is no Season 3 of Wayside. Although nothing more than a hoax, the full episode listing still exists on, and on the Wayside Wiki, pages for these episodes existed for one point, and many fans created blog posts expressing excitement for them.

What network is wayside on?

He is one of the many students in Mrs. Jewls’s class. He is a new student at Wayside School, but often ends up accidentally getting in trouble due to the bizarre customs of the school.

When was Wayside released?

Maurecia’s love for Todd is one of the first details revealed about her character in Wayside: The Movie. Upon helping Todd to his feet (after pushing him away from a falling computer monitor) she instantly falls in love with him and proceeds to punch him in his shoulder.

What grade are the wayside students in?

Wayside School Grades 3-5.

How many seasons does Wayside School have?


What is the order of the Wayside School books?

Wayside (also known as Wayside School) is a 2005 Canadian animated television film created by Louis Sachar, developed by John Derevlany and produced by Nelvana. The film follows Todd, a transfer student, who attends Wayside, a 30-story-tall grammar school that has a reputation for the ridiculous.

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Who plays Dana in Wayside?

Lisa Ng is the voice of Dana in Wayside.

What is the last episode of Wayside School?

Miss Fortune / The Note