Question: Who Is Kingstons No Name Woman?

Because Kingston cannot ask about her unnamed aunt—who is referred to only as “No-Name Woman”—she invents her own fantasies about why her aunt gave in to her forbidden passions. In one such scenario, her aunt is a timid woman ordered into submission by a rapist.

Who is the main character of No Name Woman?

Maxine The central character in The Woman Warrior. Shy, awkward, introspective, and intellectual, she describes her anguished childhood years and her coming to terms with two competing cultures, American and Chinese.

What is postmodern about Kingston’s No Name Woman being the first chapter of her autobiography The Woman Warrior?

For her part, Kingston considers The Woman Warrior very much an autobiography in the American literary tradition. As such, The Woman Warrior can be considered a postmodern work because of its self-awareness of presenting only one interpretation of truth, which is a tenet of the postmodern literary movement.

What is the aunt’s name in No Name Woman?

Maxine Hong Kingston begins her search for a personal identity with the story of an aunt, to whom this first chapter’s title refers. Ironically, the first thing we read is Kingston’s mother’s warning Kingston, “You must not tell anyone…

Why does Kingston’s mother tell her the story of her aunt?

The man who got her aunt pregnant wanted to kill her because he did not want to be embarrassed, when actually it was his fault just as much hers. Kingston’s mother tells her this story because she wants her daughter to be the perfect female for their family.

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Is Brave Orchid Kingston’s mom?

Brave Orchid Kingston’s mother, whose “talk-stories” about Chinese life and traditions haunt Kingston like ghosts from another world. Brave Orchid is a proud and intelligent woman who comes off as both gentle and cruel in equal parts in the memoir.

What is the significance of No-Name Woman?

“No-Name Woman” is one of the more frequently anthologized sections of The Woman Warrior because it encapsulates so many of the rest of the text’s themes: the ambiguity and complexity of “talk-story,” the place of women in traditional Chinese society, and the difficulty of growing up as a Chinese- American.

Is Maxine Hong Kingston a feminist?

Kingston has contributed to the feminist movement with such works as her memoir The Woman Warrior, which discusses gender and ethnicity and how these concepts affect the lives of women.

When was woman warrior written?

In 1975, Maxine Hong Kingston published her critically acclaimed autobiography, The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts, which describes her experiences and struggles while growing up as a Chinese-American girl in California.

What is a Talk Story Woman Warrior?

In The Woman Warrior, Kingston has experimented with a new kind of “talk-story” writing in blending family stories, cultural myths, fantasy, autobiographical details, and history, as she attempts to model her work on the familial talk-story culture she was nurtured in.

Where does no name woman take?

setting (place) The events recollected in “No-Name Woman” take place in the New Society Village in China, and much of “Shaman” is set at Brave Orchid’s medical school in Canton. The rest of the work (not including the imaginary story of Fa Mu Lan) is set in Stockton, California, where Kingston grew up.

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Who is foil to moon orchid?

Pretty, weak and uncoordinated—in her sister’s words, “useless”— Moon Orchid plays foil to Brave Orchid’s force of personality, determination, and ability. Moon Orchid is also an effective contrast to her Chinese-American nieces and nephews, whom she follows around the house observing their everyday actions and foibles.

What happens to Fa Mu Lan when she is seven years old?

Fa Mu Lan, whose story is told through Kingston’s first-person narrative, trains to become a warrior from the time she is seven years old, then leads an army of men—even pretending to be a man herself—against the forces of a corrupt baron and emperor. After her battles are over, she returns to be a wife and mother.

Who wrote No Name Woman?

“‘Words so strong’: Maxine Hong Kingston’s ‘No Name Woman’ introduces students to the power of words: a powerful story helps students to realize that words can order the world around us and form realities of their own”. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy. 46 (6): 482–491. JSTOR 40017149.

Why does Kingston say that she has participated in her aunt’s punishment?

Why does Kingston say that she has participated in her aunt’s punishment? She has participated in her aunt’s punishment by deliberately forgetting about her. She has not asked her details regarding her aunt. The family wanted her to deliberately forget her aunt, and she have.

Which talk story had the biggest impact on Kingston’s life?

One such talk-story, the legend of the Chinese woman warrior Fa Mu Lan, is a constant reminder to young Kingston that women can transcend socially imposed limitations. “White Tigers” is, in part, the story of Kingston’s childhood fantasy of transcending a life of insignificance.