Readers ask: How Many State Plane Zones Does New York Have?

NYSPCS is made up of 4 zones: West, Central, East and Long Island. For a definition of these zones refer to Chapter 605 of the 1995 Laws of the State of New York. Coordinates are specific to each zone.

How many state plane zones are there?

The State Plane Coordinate System’s 120 different zones generally follow county boundaries (except in Alaska).

What is the New York State plane coordinate System?

The New York State Plane Coordinate System of 1927, Central Zone, is a transverse Mercator projection of the Clarke spheroid of 1866, having a central meridian 76~ 35′ west from Greenwich, on which meridian the scale is set one part in 16,000 too small.

Which map projections are used to projection all SPC State Plane Coordinate zones in New York?

While cartographers use the Lambert Conformal Conic projection for large continents, it’s the most common map projection among the SPCS zones.

How many state plane zones are in Utah?

(2) For the purpose of the use of these systems, the state is divided into three zones: North, Central, and South Zones.

How many zones does Wisconsin have in its state plane coordinate system?

The Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinate system was developed by the Department of Defense and is a global coordinate system with 60 north-south zones. Wisconsin falls within UTM zone 15 and 16 about equally. Each zone width is 6 degrees, which creates a scale difference of no more than 1:2,500.

How many state plane zones is Kentucky split into?

Under this system, Kentucky is divided into the North and South Zones.

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What UTM zone is New York State in?

UTM zone 18 extended to cover All of New York provides a maximum scale distortion of 15 parts in 10,000 (or a scale factor of 1.0015).

What latitude is New York State?

(d) The use of the term “State Plane Coordinates” refers only to CCS27 and CCS83 coordinates. 8802. For CCS27, the state is divided into seven zones.

What are the two most common projections used in the state plane coordinate system?

The State Plane coordinate system is based on two types of map projections: the Lambert conformal conic and the transverse Mercator projections.

What three map projections are used in state plane coordinates?

Three conformal projections were chosen: the Lambert conformal conic for states that are longer east–west, such as Tennessee and Kentucky; the Transverse Mercator projection for states that are longer north–south, such as Illinois and Vermont; and the Hotine Oblique Mercator projection for the panhandle of Alaska,

How many UTM zones cover the planet?

The UTM system divides the Earth into 60 zones, each 6° of longitude in width.

What are the two UTM zones in Florida?

Florida falls into UTM zones 16 and 17.

What SPCS zones?

The State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS) is a set of 124 geographic zones or coordinate systems designed for specific regions of the United States. Each state contains one or more state plane zones, the boundaries of which usually follow county lines.