What airlines fly into loreto mexico

Where do you fly into for Loreto Mexico?

Loreto (Baja California Sur) is served by Loreto (Baja California Sur) Airport, also commonly referred to as Loreto . The airport code is LTO.

What airlines fly to Loreto Mexico from Tijuana?

What Airlines fly to Loreto Mexico

Alaska Airlines Los Angeles – Loreto | Loreto – Los Angeles
American Airlines Phoenix – Loreto | Loreto – Phoenix Dallas – Loreto | Loreto – Dallas
Westjet Calgary – Loreto | Loreto – Tijuana
Volaris Tijuana – Loreto | Loreto – Tijuana

Does American airlines fly to Loreto Mexico?

American will fly on Saturdays to Loreto and La Paz starting Dec. The new routes give American Airlines 23 destinations in Mexico , which has been a popular place for travelers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the closest airport to Loreto Mexico?

Loreto International Airport

Is Loreto Mexico dangerous?

Loreto is as safe as any place in the United States. Baja is isolated from mainland Mexico and largely free of the drug war violence that is adversly affecting tourism elsewhere in Mexico . There are few paved roads in the Loreto area and you’ll need to drive over some bumpy roads to get to some of the best sights.

How far is Loreto Mexico from San Diego?

934 km

How far is Loreto from Tijuana?

910 km

Can you fly to Loreto Mexico?

As the city becomes the choice destination for world travelers, the list of what airlines fly to Loreto Mexico is growing. Alaskan Airlines is one of the most popular popular providers from the US, American Airlines now offers direct flights to Loreto through the Dallas Fort-Worth and Phoenix airports.

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How far is La Paz from Loreto?

230 km

How do you get to the Loreto Islands?

One of the easiest ways to cross the border into Mexico is through the Cross Border Xpress, an international bridge connecting the Tijuana airport with the city of San Diego. Using the bridge, you can enter the Baja Peninsula and catch a direct domestic flight from Tijuana to Loreto .

What airlines fly direct to La Paz Mexico?

Aeromexico flights Delta flights
Volaris flights Viva Aerobus flights