What is the huge plateau that covers central mexico

What is the large peninsula in Mexico much of which is covered by rain forest that extends into the Gulf of Mexico?

Yucatan peninsula

What is the large lake located in southwest Nicaragua that drains into the Caribbean Sea?

Lago de Nicaragua

What is the long river in South America that winds from Peru?

AMAZON river

What is the vast River Basin that covers most of northern Brazil and parts of Bolivia Peru Ecuador Columbia and Venezuela?

The Amazon River

What percent of Mexico is desert?

Mexico’s total area covers 1,972,550 square kilometers, including approximately 6,000 square kilometers of islands in the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico , Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of California. Geography of Mexico .

Continent North America
• Total 1,972,550 km2 (761,610 sq mi)
• Land 98.96%
• Water 1.04%

What is the fertile plain that covers most of central Argentina?


What country has the largest freshwater lake in Central America?

Lake Nicaragua

What are the two largest lakes in Nicaragua?

The country boasts the two largest lakes in Central America: Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua , the second – largest lake in the Americas after Peru’s Lake Titicaca.

Is Lake Nicaragua connected to the ocean?

While Lake Nicaragua is only 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean at some points, it does not connect to it. The only navigable route to salt water is via the San Juan River, which is passable for small boats with drafts of less than 3 feet.

What lake straddles the border between Peru and Bolivia?

Lake Titicaca

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What river cuts through a desert and forms a border between Mexico and the United States?

Río Grande del Norte

What is the plateau region located in southern Argentina between the Andes Mts and the Atlantic Ocean?


What are the highlands that separate Venezuela Guyana Suriname and French Guiana from Brazil?

Brazil shares the rugged Guiana Highlands with Venezuela , Guyana , Suriname, and French Guiana .

What are the Highlands mountains in the northern portion of South America that separate Venezuela Suriname and French Guiana from Brazil?

Pacaraima Mountains

Which countries does the Amazon flow through?

The basin is located in parts of six countries: Brazil, Peru , Colombia , Ecuador , Bolivia and Venezuela . Most of the basin and about two-thirds of the river itself is located in Brazil. Mexico