What is the life expectancy in mexico

What is the life expectancy in Mexico 2019?

75.07 years

What is the average life expectancy of a woman in Mexico?

about 77.84 years

What is the average life expectancy of a man in Mexico?

about 72.12 years

Why is Mexico’s life expectancy low?

According to the National Population Council (CONAPO) report, recent fluctuations in life expectancy are a reflection of changes in mortality levels due to the increase in older adults and deaths related to diabetes mellitus and violent causes.

What race lives longest?

Today, Asian Americans live the longest (86.3 years), followed by Latinos (81.9 years), whites (78.6 years), Native Americans (77.4 years), and African Americans (75.0 years). Where people live , combined with race and income, play a huge role in whether they may die young.

What is the poverty rate in Mexico 2020?

Current figures estimate that at least 44.2 percent of the population lives under poverty. Of those, 33.7 live under a moderate state of poverty and at least 10.5 percent live under extreme poverty.

What country has the lowest life expectancy?

Central African Republic

Why do females live longer?

The evidence shows that differences in chromosomes and hormones between men and women affect longevity. For example, males tend to have more fat surrounding the organs (they have more ‘visceral fat’) whereas women tend to have more fat sitting directly under the skin (‘subcutaneous fat’).

What is the literacy rate in Mexico 2020?

Adult literacy rate is the percentage of people ages 15 and above who can both read and write with understanding a short simple statement about their everyday life. Mexico literacy rate for 2018 was 95.38% , a 0.41% increase from 2017.

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What religion is dominant in Mexico?

Catholic Christianity

What is the average age for a man to die?

76.4 years

What is the mortality rate in Mexico?

Mexico Death Rate 1950-2020

Mexico – Historical Death Rate Data
Year Death Rate Growth Rate
2018 5.974 1.530%
2017 5.884 1.550%
2016 5.794 1.560%

Who colonized Mexico?

Colonial Mexico was part of the Spanish Empire and administered by the Viceroyalty of New Spain . The Spanish crown claimed all of the Western Hemisphere west of the line established between Spain and Portugal by the Treaty of Tordesillas. This included all of North America and South America, except for Brazil.

What will the life expectancy be in 2030?

The results also revealed that the USA is likely to have the lowest life expectancy at birth in 2030 among high-income countries. The nation’s average life expectancy at birth of men and women in 2030 ( 79.5 years and 83.3 years ), will be similar to that of middle-income countries like Croatia and Mexico.

What are the major infectious diseases in Mexico?