What to do in guadalajara mexico

Is it safe to visit Guadalajara Mexico?

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM. Considering all the types of crimes, Guadalajara can be considered a medium safe city, since there are drug-related crimes, robbery and auto-part theft which should be worrying for tourists. Guadalajara is a big city and it is a normal thing that there is a crime.

Is Guadalajara worth visiting?

In comparison to Mexico City, Guadalajara is wildly underrated as a principal tourist destination. However, Guadalajara arguably has just as much to offer as Mexico’s capital and even boasts experiences and cultural heritage you simply won’t find in Mexico City.

How many days do you need in Guadalajara?

three days

How much money should I take to Guadalajara Mexico?

You should plan to spend around M$467 ($22) per day on your vacation in Guadalajara , which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, M$137 ($6.47) on meals for one day. Also, the average hotel price in Guadalajara for a couple is M$660 ($31).

What places to avoid in Mexico?

The 12 Most Dangerous Cities in Mexico to Avoid at All Costs Mazatlan . The State Department has warned citizens about traveling to this region. Reynosa. Many people travel through Reynosa, Mexico, to get to the U.S. | John Moore/ Getty Images. Tepic . The U.S. government doesn’t want its citizens to visit Tepic . Ciudad Obregón. Chihuahua. Ciudad Juarez. Culiacán. Ciudad Victoria.

Are there cartels in Guadalajara?

Among the first of the Mexican drug trafficking groups to work with the Colombian cocaine mafias, the Guadalajara Cartel prospered from the cocaine trade. At its height, the cartel controlled much of the drug trafficking in Mexico and the corridors along the Mexico–United States border.

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Do they speak English in Guadalajara?

Language and Dialect Although locals who speak varying degrees of English are present in Guadalajara , many visitors find it extremely rewarding to try to communicate in Spanish and therefore bring a Spanish phrasebook.

Are there beaches in Guadalajara?

The beaches in this part of Mexico have waves for all ability levels and offer great surf year round. These are my favorite beaches that are easily accessible from Guadalajara . Most of them are surfing beaches but I had to include Puerto Vallarta. I love Puerto Vallarta even if there are no waves.

Which is safer Mexico City or Guadalajara?

Safety. When compared to other places in Latin America, like Colombia or the Dominican Republic, the nice areas of CDMX and Guadalajara feel pretty damn safe . Neither Guadalajara or Mexico City are considered one of the more dangerous cities in Mexico – or Latin America.

How far is tequila from Guadalajara?

52 km

How far is Guadalajara from Puerto Vallarta?

191 km

Can you drink water in Guadalajara?

Tap water is not drinkable at Guadalajara and Mexico. You will find many drinking water brand options (Puresa Aga, Bonafont, Ciel) that can supply water jugs to home or business, bottled water at local retailers, and specialized “ water stores” where you can refill jugs for a more economical option.

Is Guadalajara safe at night?

There are a number of neighborhoods in Guadalajara that are dangerous. The Calzada de la Independencia runs north to south splitting the metro area in two. Historically, the eastside of the Calzada was underdeveloped, poor, and dangerous. Oblatos should be avoided at night .

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Should I bring pesos or USD to Mexico?

You will be in Mexico , use pesos . they have t pay money to exchange your dollars. In general, if shopping, you will pay more if you use dollars. The government requires change to be given in pesos but it does not require any exchange rate so merchants can set their own rate. Mexico