What to wear on a cruise to mexico

What should you not wear on a cruise?

Don’t wear flip flops, sleeveless shirts (for men), cut-off jeans, T-shirts or gym shorts. If you want to attend a “ cruise elegant” evening, bring a fancier, more formal outfit. Men can wear suits or dress slacks with a sport coat and dress shirt.

What should I pack for a cruise to Mexico?

What to Pack for a Cruise Bring activity-appropriate clothing and shoes. Bring a Back Pack or Beach Tote. Bring Sunscreen and After-Sun Lotion. Bring Your Own Toiletries. Bring Medications for Upset Stomach and Motion Sickness. Bring an Underwater Camera. Bring Cash for Tipping. Bring a Portable Back Up Battery Charger.

What should I pack for a 7 day cruise to Mexico?

Pack a waterproof shell jacket and a light sweatshirt or sweater. Look for clothes that do double duty. Cruises typically offer at least one formal evening when passengers are encouraged to dress up for dinner. Black tie and formal dresses are not required, but think in terms of what you would wear to a wedding.

What clothes should you wear on a cruise?

Smart Casual: A step up from more typical wear, collared shirts, slacks, nice dresses, skirts or pantsuits, and even sport coats and blazers. Formal: Your evening best— suits and ties, and evening dresses and your nicest jewelry.

Do you carry a purse on a cruise?

Cash/Cards/Wallet Once you board the cruise ship, you don’t have any need for cash or ID. Still, you don’t want to just store your money, wallet, or purse in your checked baggage. It’s too much risk to be separated from your valuables — especially small items that can be pocketed easily like cash money.

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Is there a jail on cruise ships?

Most Ships Have a Jail , Medical Unit, and Morgue One of the most shocking cruise ship facts is a jail cell hidden away at the bottom of the vessel in the crew areas. Most ships have a morgue that can hold one to three bodies.

What are the worst months to take a cruise?

Hurricane Season Storms in August and October have a moderate risk of developing into hurricanes while September has the highest risk of all. For these reasons, September is the worst month of the year to take a cruise.

What should you not wear in Mexico?

Although it’s changing a bit over time, women in Mexico’s interior destinations seldom wear shorts, and men almost never do. Women who don’t want to attract excessive attention from men would be well advised to avoid short skirts and shorts and revealing clothes in general, but especially when traveling alone.

Do you need a passport to get off a cruise ship in Mexico?

If you are cruising to Mexico on a closed-loop cruise , (a journey that starts and ends at the same U.S. port), you can enter without a passport and show a state-issued ID and an original birth certificate instead.

What is the best month to take a cruise to Mexico?

Mexico. You can cruise to Mexico year-round, either as part of a western Caribbean itinerary or as a dedicated Mexican Riviera voyage. The best time to visit Mexico is during its dry season , November through May . However, it’s a popular destination even during the rainier summer months.

What is there to do on the Mexican Riviera cruise?

Top 5 Things to Do on Mexican Riviera Cruises Snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez – If your Mexico cruise has Cabo San Lucas on its itinerary, and you love being in the water, consider this unique opportunity. Seek Out Tradition in Mazatlan – On your upcoming cruise to Mexico , you may have the opportunity to stop in Mazatlan.

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Can you wear jeans to dinner on a cruise?

Jeans and baseball caps are not allowed in the restaurants for dinner . On informal nights, jackets (ties optional) for men are recommended, while women opt for dresses or pantsuits. Tuxedos, dinner jackets or dark suits for men and gowns or cocktail dresses for women are suggested for formal nights.

How much cash should I bring on cruise?

In general, it’s safe to budget between $12 and $15 per person per day of the cruise . So, for a family of four taking a four-night cruise , bring at least $240 just for onboard tips.

How many outfits do I need for a 7 day cruise?

Pack five or six outfits (a couple extra for babies), two swimsuits, a jacket, sweater or hoodie, and comfortable shoes! I recommend comfortable sandals with a heal strap like these so they don’t slip and fall! Mexico