What zone is new mexico

What zone is New Mexico in for planting?

New Mexico is in 4-9 USDA plant hardiness zones . New Mexico on average has approximately 150 days between the last and first frost. Use the planting schedules below for planning when to plant tomatoes, peppers and more.

What zone is ABQ NM?

A: Albuquerque is listed as zone 10 in the ” Western Garden” book and in zone 7a and 7b by in the USDA hardiness zone map. The planting zone maps aren’t all based on the same information.

What grows well in New Mexico?

Plant Your Garden

Cool-Season Vegetables
Hardy: Plant these as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring, or plant in summer for the fall garden.
Broccoli Collards Peas
Brussels sprouts Kale Radishes
Cabbage Kohlrabi Mustard

What planting zone is Taos NM?


When can you start planting in New Mexico?

On average, your frost-free growing season starts Apr 16 and ends Oct 28, totalling 195 days. You will find both Spring and Fall planting guides on this page.

What kind of fruit trees grow in New Mexico?

‘Ginger Gold’, ‘Gala’, ‘Honeycrisp’, ‘Golden Delicious’, ‘Fuji’, and ‘Arkansas Black’ are recommended for central and northern New Mexico. ‘Mutsu’ and ‘Granny Smith’ do better in the southern half of the state. Figure 4. ‘Gala’ apple fruits.

What plants grow well in Zone 7a?

Here are a few of the all-time favorite zone 7 perennial flowers: Black-eyed Susan (partial or full sun) Four O’clock (partial or full sun) Hosta (shade) Salvia (sun) Butterfly weed (sun) Shasta daisy (partial or full sun) Lavender (sun) Bleeding heart (shade or partial sun)

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What climate is NM?

New Mexico has a mild, arid or semiarid, continental climate characterized by light precipitation totals, abundant sunshine, low relative humidities, and a relatively large annual and diurnal temperature range. The highest mountains have climate characteristics common to the Rocky Mountains.

What plants grow in Zone 8b?

Zone 8 Plants Creeping Thyme. If you’re looking for an aromatic groundcover to grow among stepping stones or in your patio, creeping thyme will be a suitable perennial. Phlox Paniculata. Agastache Blue Fortune. Lemon Queen Sunflower . Achillea Terracotta ( Yarrow ) Dahlia Frost Nip. Ox-Eye Daisy. Dicentra.

Can avocado trees grow in New Mexico?

New Mexico is not an avocado growing state. California, Texas (lower Rio Grande Valley), and Florida grow avocados .

Can you grow lemon trees in New Mexico?

The good news for you is yes, you can grow citrus trees here, just not planted in the garden like I think you want to. Several nurseries in the area often carry Dwarf Citrus Trees in their greenhouses for the homeowner.

Can you grow pineapples in New Mexico?

Answer: It is possible, and easy, to grow a pineapple plant indoors. Growing new pineapple fruit is more difficult. But, you can grow it as an interesting indoor plant and even get it to produce fruit (albeit small fruit) without letting it take over the living room.

What zone is Clovis NM?


What zone is Rio Rancho NM?


What growing zone is Alamogordo NM?

8a Mexico