Where is farmington new mexico

How far is Farmington from Albuquerque?

The total driving distance from Farmington , NM to Albuquerque , NM is 182 miles or 293 kilometers.

What is Farmington New Mexico famous for?

Farmington went through several “oil and gas” booms during the 20th century. At one time, Farmington was the leading oil and gas producing area in the state of New Mexico . The oil and gas industry still remains a staple for the area.

Is Farmington NM on an Indian reservation?

The Navajo Nation is west of Farmington , the Ute Mountain Indian Reservation is to the northwest, and the Southern Ute Indian Reservation is northeast of the city. Prehistoric Native American ruins are located nearby.

Is Farmington NM safe?

Farmington, N.M. Due to the steep increase, Farmington is now the most dangerous metro area in the state. Half a decade ago, the metro area’s violent crime rate of 625 incidents per 100,000 residents was lower than the comparable rate in the Albuquerque metro area.

How long does it take to get from Albuquerque to Farmington?

Yes, the driving distance between Albuquerque to Farmington is 617 miles. It takes approximately 11h 37m to drive from Albuquerque to Farmington .

Is it cheaper to live in Arizona or New Mexico?

One major difference is the population! Az has about 6.9 million vs NM at about 2 million. Therefor cost of living is much cheaper in NM . New Mexico has higher altitudes in its big cities.

What city has the highest crime rate in New Mexico?

Where Are The Most Dangerous Cities In New Mexico?

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Rank City Violent Crimes Per Capita
1 Gallup 1,537
2 Belen 2,280
3 Albuquerque 1,364
4 Deming 1,000

What airlines fly to Farmington NM?

Skyscanner allows you to find the cheapest flights to Farmington (from hundreds of airlines including Delta, American Airlines , United) without having to enter specific dates or even destinations, making it the best place to find cheap flights for your trip.

What percentage of New Mexico is Indian reservation?

10.6 percent

Is New Mexico a good state to live?

New Mexico is a rather affordable state to live in. It is one of few states where the cost of living index is lower than the average national one. The overall index is 4% lower than the average one and the main factors in this are the cost of food and groceries as well as healthcare and transportation.

Where is the largest Navajo reservation?


What is the best town to live in New Mexico?

Here are our 15 best places to live in New Mexico; Los Alamos . Source: Ron Cogswell / Flickr. White Rock . Source: Chyeburashka at English Wikipedia / Wikimedia. Sandia Heights. Source: www.youtube.com. Eldorado at Santa Fe . Source: amadeustx / shutterstock. Corrales . Mesilla. Rio Rancho. Paradise Hills.

Is New Mexico a good state to retire?

The state is quickly becoming a popular retirement destination, attracting seniors from all over the country. New Mexico has a low cost of living and an abundance of opportunity when combined with its temperate climate and welcoming culture makes it a great place to spend retirement .

Is New Mexico poor?

In 2017 nearly one in five New Mexicans (19.7 percent, or about 401,755 persons) lived below the poverty level. The national average was 13.4 percent. As seen in Exhibit 1, Mississippi had the highest poverty rate, at 19.8 percent, while New Hampshire, at 7.7 percent, had the lowest. Mexico