Where is riviera nayarit mexico

Where in Mexico is Nayarit?

Nayarit, estado (state), west- central Mexico. It is bounded by the states of Sinaloa to the northwest, Durango and Zacatecas to the north and northeast, and Jalisco to the south and by the Pacific Ocean to the west. The state capital is Tepic.

How far is it from Puerto Vallarta to Riviera Nayarit?

The Riviera Nayarit region, which begins about 20 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta and stretches along 100 miles of Mexico’s Pacific coast, is building a reputation for its luxury resorts, world-class surfing, and professional golf courses.

How far is Riviera Nayarit from Cancun?

1528 miles

What airport do you fly into for Riviera Nayarit?

Tepic International Airport

What is Nayarit Mexico known for?

Nayarit Today Although tourism is increasing, Nayarit’s coastline is still largely undeveloped, enabling visitors to surf and swim on beautiful, uncrowded beaches. The state is home to some of the best snorkeling in western Mexico , especially in the Las Marietas archipelago.

Is Nayarit Mexico safe?

Jalisco, which includes Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, and Nayarit, which includes the Riviera Nayarit, Nuevo Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas, are listed as “Level 3.” That status comes with the caution to “Reconsider Travel: Avoid travel due to serious risks to safety and security.”

Can you swim in the ocean in Riviera Nayarit?

The region of Nuevo Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most beautiful beach destinations, lined by endless stretches of one of the most spectacular beaches in Riviera Nayarit . With soft sands and gently rolling surf, the water here is perfect for swimming , kayaking, or paddleboarding without having to fight crashing waves.

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What is the difference between Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit?

One difference between Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta is their downtowns. Because Riviera Nayarit is a destination that spreads across a large region, there is not one central downtown area, rather there are a number of smaller town squares in each of the coastal towns that make up Riviera Nayarit .

Is Riviera Nayarit Safe 2020?

There are currently no restrictions on visiting the major tourist hotspots of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, the Riviera Nayarit including Puerto Vallarta, Chapala, and Ajijic. However, the US government does recommend rethinking travel to Jalisco due to violence between criminal groups.

Is Puerto Vallarta better than Cancun?

Vallarta has about 50 times more restaurants than Cancun . Vallarta also has charm, a history and some culture. Cancun has prettier water, a spring break atmosphere and zero culture until you get outside of Cancun . If you just want to party, hit the beach and have a “wild time” for sure go to Cancun .

Which side of Mexico has the best beaches?

The 11 Best Beaches in Mexico Tulum. The Best Beach in Mexico: Tulum is a 90 minute drive south of Cancun. Sayulita. Sayulita is a fantastic and fun beach town. Isla Mujeres. Isla’s North Beach is the best kid-friendly beach in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta. Yelapa. Playa del Carmen. Bucerias. Los Cabos.

Is Cabo safer than Cancun?

Cabo is safer than Cancun , it’s a simple matter of geography. That’s not to say Cancun is unsafe. There is plenty to do in Cabo , great golf, fishing, food, beaches

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What are the coldest months in Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

Best months for swimming (with the highest average sea temperature) are August and September (30.3°C). Coldest months (with the lowest average sea temperature) are February and March (23.9°C).

Is it safe to go to Mayan Riviera?

Whether you’re a backpacker passing through or a two-week all-inclusive tourist, Riviera Maya has it all. Not only is it quite safe , but it’s extremely popular. Book your trip today, and before you do, be sure to look at this guide on things to do in Riveria Maya for more travel inspiration! 6 дней назад

What is the weather in Riviera Nayarit?

Rivera Nayarit enjoys a mild tropical climate with a yearly average temperature of a comfortable 77° F (25 ºC). Summer in Riviera Nayarit can be a bit warm for some, with average highs in the 90’s. The rainy season however, comes in late June and lasts until early November. Mexico