Where is sayulita mexico on the map

Is Sayulita Mexico safe?

Sayulita used to be a sleepy little fishing village, now it’s a magnet for surfers, expats and digital nomads. It’s one of the safest places to travel in Mexico thanks to the efforts of local authorities to maintain law and order.

Where in Mexico is Sayulita?

Sayulita is a small town located in Banderas Bay in the south of the Nayarit state on the Pacific Ocean, Mexico .

Where do you fly into for Sayulita Mexico?

Puerto Vallarta International Airport

How far is sayulita from Mexico City?

678 km

Can you swim in Sayulita?

April 17, 2019 Sayulita beach declared for safe swimming and recreational use – Sayulita is now the only beach town in the area that does not dump wastewater directly onto the beach. Many people turned out today to tour the plant and grounds, and it was great to see everyone involved in the process.

How expensive is Sayulita?

Cost of Living in Sayulita You can expect to pay around $1,000 per month for a two or three-bedroom home or condo in a convenient area.

What is sayulita known for?

Sayulita is a sleepy little beach town 25 miles north of Puerto Vallarta along the Riviera Nayarit, a 200-mile stretch of the Pacific Coastline in Mexico . This small town is known for its relaxed hippy vibe, a rich Huichol artisan culture and a town square that is totally walkable.

What does sayulita mean in Spanish?

Sayula means the “Place of Mosquitoes” in Nahuatl, the language of the ancient Aztecs. Thus it may be that Sayulita was named after the estuaries and marshes found in the surrounding area. If Sayulita is pronounced correctly, it sounds like “sigh-you-LEE-tah” with the emphasis on the second to last syllable.

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Can I travel to Mexico right now?

While the U.S.- Mexico land border is currently restricted to essential travel , air travel between the United States and Mexico is permitted. Technically, there’s a ban on nonessential travel across the border through November 21.

Is Sayulita worth visiting?

Enjoy Visiting Sayulita Mexico! There are so many reasons to visit Sayulita — relaxation, beaches, surfing, margaritas, boho shops, Huichol art!

How much is a cab from Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita?


From To Fare
Sayulita San Pancho $200 pesos
Sayulita Punta de Mita $400 pesos
Sayulita Bucerias/ Mega $350 pesos
Sayulita Puerto Vallarta Airport $700 pesos

Is there Uber in Sayulita Mexico?

Getting to Sayulita From there , you can travel to Sayulita by Uber (approximately $30 USD), taxi (approximately $40), private shuttle (approximately $50 USD), or a public bus ($2). Private transportation will take about 45 minute, and the bus will take about 1.5 hours due to the frequent stops.

How long is the bus ride from Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita?

approximately 1 hour

How far is Sayulita Mexico from Puerto Vallarta?

35 km

How do you get to Sayulita Mexico?

The most convenient way to get to Sayulita is to take a taxi or hire a private car. The town is 30 miles from the Puerto Vallarta Airport, which takes about 35-45 minutes by car. We’re told that it shouldn’t cost more than $50 USD for a taxi, but make sure you agree on the fare before you leave the airport. Mexico