Where is silver city new mexico

Is Silver City New Mexico safe?

USA.com states “The Silver City crime rate is much higher than the New Mexico average crime rate and is much higher than the national average crime rate.” One law enforcement officer told me last week that here in Silver City/Grant County, we ranked as the 3rd worst area for major crime in the state of New Mexico.

What is Silver City New Mexico known for?

Located in a mining area noted for silver , gold, copper, lead, and zinc, it was founded (1876) as Silver City and was a boomtown during the 1880s. Silver City serves an irrigated farm and ranch area, with some lumbering and tourism. It is the site of Western New Mexico University (1893).

How far is Silver City NM from the Mexican border?

The total driving distance from Silver City , NM to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is 155 miles or 249 kilometers.

What is Silver City New Mexico like?

Silver City is a cute little town with amazing people, beautiful surroundings, and exciting events. There are a variety of outdoor adventure opportunities, and cute shops in the downtown area. We’ve only been in Silver for 6 months, so still honeymooning, but we like it.

Does it snow in Silver City NM?

Silver City , New Mexico gets 17 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Silver City averages 7 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

Is Silver City New Mexico a good place to retire?

SILVER CITY – Silver City has been ranked as the third-best city in New Mexico for retirees by the financial services website SmartAssets. The rankings were based on the overall tax burden in each city , access to medical care, the percentage of seniors living in the community and the recreational opportunities.

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How much money do you need to live comfortably in New Mexico?

50 percent for necessities: $21,222. 30 percent for discretionary spending: $12,734. 20 percent for savings: $8,489. Income needed to live comfortably: $42,445 (down $1,450 from 2016)

Is it cheaper to live in Arizona or New Mexico?

One major difference is the population! Az has about 6.9 million vs NM at about 2 million. Therefor cost of living is much cheaper in NM . New Mexico has higher altitudes in its big cities.

Is New Mexico expensive to live in?

New Mexico is renowned for its low cost of living , about 3.1% lower than the national average. The average home in New Mexico costs roughly $151,000.

Is heaven called the Silver City?

Heaven is often referred to as the Silver City (Or Heavenly Jerusalem) but the surrounding area is also apart of the realm that is Heaven . The Tower of Blandine, Archangel of Dreams, marks the boundary between Heaven and the Realm of Dreams. Gabriel’s Catherdral, the Volcano of Fire, marks another boundary.

What college is in Silver City NM?

Western New Mexico University

How far is Silver City from Santa Fe?

243 miles

How far is Silver City New Mexico from Albuquerque?

186 miles

What is the Silver City in the Bible?

The Silver City is Heaven’s city , home to God, angels, and the virtuous dead.

What is the elevation of Silver City NM?

1,797 m Mexico