Where is tularosa new mexico

How far is Tularosa from Albuquerque?

142.97 miles

How far is Tularosa from Alamogordo?

12.53 miles

What does Tularosa mean?

Tularosa gets its name from the Spanish description for the red or rose colored reeds growing along the banks of the Rio Tularosa .

What county is Tularosa NM?


What does Alamogordo mean in Spanish?

Alamogordo in American English (ˌæləməˈgɔrdoʊ ) city in S N.Mex.: pop. 36,000: site of testing range where first atomic bomb was exploded ( July, 1945) Word origin. Sp < álamo (see alamo) + gordo, big.

How far is Tularosa from El Paso?

94.64 miles

What is the elevation of Tularosa New Mexico?

1,374 m Mexico