Where to find barbary sheep in new mexico

Where are Barbary sheep in New Mexico?

Aoudad Sheep , also known as Barbary Sheep , were introduced into the desert mountains of southern New Mexico from their native habitat in the Atlas Mountains of northern Africa during the 1940’s.

Where do Barbary sheep live?

Ammotragus lervia is endemic to the mountains of Northern Africa . It has also survived in the mountains and canyons of the dry southwestern United States. Barbary sheep live in the desert mountains from sea level up to the edge of the snows. Barbary sheep are also well adapted to a dry climate.

Can you eat Barbary sheep?

Aoudad meat is edible. When prepared properly, it can be tasty even. Even though aoudad are technically a goat/antelope subspecies, everyone in Texas just calls them sheep . Most of the knowledgeable people I’ve talked to about aoudad hunting said that I couldn’t eat the meat.

Are there bighorn sheep in New Mexico?

The Rocky Mountain bighorns and the desert bighorns are the only two subspecies of bighorn sheep in New Mexico .

How many Barbary sheep are left?

At present, the Barbary sheep is estimated to be around 5,000– 10,000 individuals, across several isolated subspecies spanning North Africa.

Are Aoudad sheep or goats?

The aoudad (Ammotragus lervia) is called the Barbary ” Sheep “, but it is not really a sheep . They come from North Africa on the Barbary Coast, and that is where they get their name. The aoudad evenly bridges the biological distance between sheep and goats , but they are a true species, and not a hybrid.

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What does a Barbary sheep look like?

Barbary sheep stand 60 to 90 cm (2.0 to 3.0 ft) tall at the shoulder, with a length around 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in), and weigh 40 to 140 kg (88 to 309 lb). They are sandy-brown, darkening with age, with a slightly lighter underbelly and a darker line along the back.

What is a big Aoudad?

Imported from northern Africa along the Barbary Coast, aoudads are large sheep with horns curving outward, backward and then inward. Coats are tan and mature males have long hair on the chest and forelegs, commonly called chaps. Typical trophies weigh 250 to 280lbs. We have 2 levels of trophies.

How do you measure Dall sheep horns?

Measuring the Curl In the Perfect Circle Test, the sheep head is viewed from the side at such an angle that the outer surface of the horn creates a circle. If the horn tip reaches the horn base, then the sheep passes this test and is legal.

How do you age Aoudad sheep?

To age a bighorn sheep , look for the four year ring and then count the rings toward the skull from there. Once you are able to quickly identify the four year ring, aging rams becomes easier. You may notice that most of the time, the growth throughout the horns will be spaced differently.

Does Aoudad taste good?

Be careful how you take care of the animal in the field, and aoudad meat smells just like other game meats. When I have prepared it, most folks describe the taste as mild, almost lean beef-like. If interested in a free-range aoudad hunt, check out the hunt page.

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Where can I hunt Aoudad?

Aoudad Hunts are conducted in the rugged mountains of far West Texas where the best genetics for Trophy Rams are found. We also offer Aoudad Hunts on several ranches in Val Verde county in very limited numbers where there are also high quality Trophy Ram genetics.

Is ibex meat good eating?

Ibex are fairly easy with a rifle but very difficult with a bow, especially a bow without wheels. I’ve been in the Florida’s and have eaten Ibex several times. They’re not bad at all to eat in my opinion maybe not as tasty as Oryx but I wouldn’t pass it up or throw out the meat . Mexico