FAQ: How far is bethlehem pa from philadelphia?

How do I get from Philadelphia to Bethlehem?

Clydesdale Bus operates a bus from Philadelphia PA: 30 Street Station to Bethlehem PA: East 4 Street & Fillmore Street twice daily. Tickets cost $35 and the journey takes 1h 10m.

How far is Bethlehem PA from NYC?

The distance between New York and Bethlehem is 73 miles. 5 дней назад

How far is Bethlehem PA from Pittsburgh?

Distance from Pittsburgh, PA to Bethlehem, PA

There are 243.20 miles from Pittsburgh to Bethlehem in east direction and 290 miles (466.71 kilometers) by car, following the I-76 E and PATP route.

How far is Bethlehem from Philly?

There are 47.76 miles from Bethlehem to Philadelphia in southeast direction and 59 miles (94.95 kilometers) by car, following the I-476 S and PATP S route. Bethlehem and Philadelphia are 1 hour 8 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

Does Amtrak go to Bethlehem PA?

There are 3 scheduled Amtrak trains per day. Amtrak can get you to Bethlehem from 2 cities, including Paoli.

How do I get from New York to Bethlehem PA?

Amtrak train tickets from New York to Bethlehem start from $56, and on average cost $99. Daily there are 10 Amtrak schedules to Bethlehem. Amtrak in New York leaves from Penn Station, And in Bethlehem trains arrive at Guetter St & Broad St, From New York to Bethlehem train travel on Amtrak takes 3 hours and 55 minutes.

Is Bethlehem PA a safe place to live?

Bethlehem is a very safe city in the Lehigh Valley which is located in Eastern Pennsylvania. Bethlehem is a very convenient place to live because of its close proximity to Philadelphia and New York City. It’s a very average town.

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Why is Bethlehem PA called the Christmas City?

The Christmas City

On Christmas Eve, 1741, Count Nicholas von Zizendorf, leading a small group of Moravian missionaries who had founded a small settlement on banks of the Monocacy creek, gave Bethlehem it’s name. Thus, since 1937, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has been known throughout the world as the Christmas City.

Is there a train from PA to NYC?

Amtrak operates several train lines connecting stations throughout Pennsylvania with New York City. The train ride from Pittsburgh to New York City takes 9 hours and 20 minutes. The Acela Express is a high-speed service connecting New York and Philadelphia, a 1 hour, 15-minute journey.

How far is Bethlehem PA from Allentown PA?

Distance from Bethlehem, PA to Allentown, PA

There are 6.39 miles from Bethlehem to Allentown in west direction and 7 miles (11.27 kilometers) by car, following the East Union Boulevard route. Bethlehem and Allentown are 11 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.