How big is lake washington?

Can you walk around Lake Washington?

Lake Washington Loop

You can partake in a nice walk nearly anywhere along Lake Washington and the 61.14 miles of trails (amazing bike ride also we have to say!). The route follows a a mix of trails and city streets, and keeps to mostly residential, but still very scenic areas.

How wide is Lake Washington?

The lake is two to six miles wide covering an area of 34 square miles. The deepest point on the lake is 210 feet, about 700 feet out from East Madison Street. Around Evergreen floating bridge is nearly as deep. The Kenmore area is about 110 feet deep and about 90 feet at Renton.

How many acres is Lake Washington?

The lake area is 21,500 acres; lake volume is 2,350,000 acre-ft. Mean depth is 108 feet with a maximum depth of 214 feet. Length of the lake is 13 miles in a north-south direction. Each year, the Fat Salmon Open Water Swim is held in Lake Washington on the third weekend in July.

Are there sharks in Lake Washington?

Bull Shark was seen in Lake Washington near the Lake Forest Park Civic Club. Cutty Briar, Washington Department of Fish and Game says, Bull Sharks are known to be able to swim between salt and fresh water.

Is it safe to walk in downtown Seattle at night?

If you’re someplace where there’s a lot of people, you’re good. The city core is mostly safe before midnight — downtown, Belltown, the International District, SoDo, Georgetown, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne Hill. West Seattle is also very safe. Maybe stay away from First Hill.

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Can you walk around Seattle?

Yes, you can walk downtown Seattle. It will be very enjoyable for you, just know that many of the streets have gradual inclines. Not as bad as San Francisco streets but very few of them are a flat. Yes, you can walk around downtown

Can you swim in Lake Washington?

It’s huge and perfectly cold and both wild and right here. You can get in Lake Washington on the north end of the city, in the center of the city, or in the south. If you have never been swimming in Lake Washington and you know how to swim, then you have never been to Seattle and have no excuse for that.

What animals live in Lake Washington?

Species you might catch

  • Black crappie.
  • Brown bullhead.
  • Chinook salmon.
  • Coastal cutthroat trout (resident)
  • Coho salmon.
  • Common carp.
  • Green sunfish.
  • Kokanee.

What is the deepest lake in Washington state?

Search Results

Lake Name Maximum depth in feet
Lake Chelan (Washington, USA) 1,486
Lake Crescent (Washington, USA) 624
Lake Roosevelt (Washington, USA) 400
Ross Lake (British Columbia, Canada / Washington, USA) 400

What is the deepest lake in the United States?

Washington D.C. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States and one of the deepest in the world.

Which US state has the most lakes?

Minnesota has the most lakes of any state.

Minnesota may be the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” but Alaska is the state of more than 3 million lakes.

Does Lake Washington have tides?

Lake Washington does not have Tides data. Select a nearby location from below.

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Are there alligators in Lake Washington?

KENT, Wash. If true, it’s an unusual sighting for the state because the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says alligators are not native to this area. Whatever is swimming in the water has a lot of people talking.

Is it too cold to swim in Lake Washington?

Many of Washington’s lakes never get warmer than 60 degrees, a temperature that can get a boater or swimmer quickly in trouble, Sendak said.

Has there ever been a shark attack in Washington state?

There has only been one unprovoked shark attack in Washington state, according to, and it was a non-fatal attack in April of 1989 in Grays Harbor County.