Readers ask: Where is poulsbo washington?

How far is Poulsbo from Seattle?

The distance between Seattle and Poulsbo is 17 miles. The road distance is 80.7 miles. 5 дней назад

How far is Poulsbo from Tacoma?

The distance between Tacoma and Poulsbo is 35 miles. 5 дней назад

What island is Poulsbo WA on?

Poulsbo is located on the Kitsap Peninsula and accessible by the WA State Ferries from Edmonds and Seattle.

What is Poulsbo known for?

Historic Poulsbo, also known affectionately as “Little Norway” is the Kitsap Peninsula’s destination of choice for visitors exploring the area. Casually explore the walkable downtown historic district and enjoy museums, galleries, shopping, restaurants & cafes – all in a picturesque, family-friendly Norwegian setting…

Is Poulsbo a good place to live?

Poulsbo is a great place to live in for people who are looking for a small town to either retire in, raise a family in or even find a nice place while they get their life on track. For the most part it is a quiet and very safe little town, although there are the exceptions for the local festivals.

What is there to do in Poulsbo today?

Top Attractions in Poulsbo

  • Central Market. 54 reviews.
  • Poulsbo Marine Science Center. 78 reviews.
  • Kitsap Memorial State Park. 57 reviews.
  • Muriel Iverson Williams Waterfront Park. 44 reviews.
  • Front Street Gallery. 22 reviews.
  • Maritime Museum & Visitor Center. 9 reviews.
  • Sawdust Hill Alpaca Farm. 15 reviews.
  • The Verksted Gallery.

Is Poulsbo WA Safe?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Poulsbo is 1 in 39. Based on FBI crime data, Poulsbo is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Washington, Poulsbo has a crime rate that is higher than 71% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

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What ferry goes to Poulsbo?

Planning a Trip in Poulsbo

  • Gettng There.
  • Washington State Ferries (tel. 800/84-FERRY or 888/808-7977 in Washington, or 206/464-6400; operates three ferries between the Kitsap Peninsula and the east side of Puget Sound: the Fauntleroy-Southworth ferry (a 35-min.
  • Visitor Information.
  • Festivals.

How did Poulsbo get its name?

Founded by Norwegian immigrant Jørgen Eliason in the 1880s, Poulsbo was settled in its early years by a large number of Norwegian and other Scandinavian immigrants because of its similarities to their native countries. Moe suggested the town be named “Paulsbo”, his hometown in Halden, Norway.