Readers ask: Who buys used furniture in philadelphia?

How can I sell my furniture fast?

If your goal is to sell something quickly, here are your five best options for used furniture marketplaces:

  1. Apartment Therapy Marketplace.
  2. Craigslist.
  3. Facebook Marketplace.
  4. LetGo.
  5. OfferUp.

Where can I get money for my furniture?

Here are the 21 best places to sell used furniture for cash:

  • Letgo.
  • Offerup.
  • Shopify.
  • Bonanza.
  • Trove.
  • Bookoo.
  • Remoov.
  • Etsy.

Where can I sell my expensive furniture?

Craigslist and eBay are a few of the most common places to list high-end furniture, although there are other sites you can use as well. Chairish is a site specifically for listing high-end furniture, but you could also try sites like OfferUp, Bonanza, Facebook Marketplace, ArtDeco, 1dibs, or Oodle.

Where can I buy furniture in Philadelphia?

Here are some of the best furniture stores in Philadelphia where you can get an amazing deal:

  • Nadeau: Furniture With a Soul. devnmcstake.
  • Jerusalem Furniture.
  • Uhuru Furniture & Collectables.
  • Furniture Mecca.
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
  • VIP Furniture Outlet.
  • Pearlstein’s Furniture.
  • The Dump Furniture Outlet.

How much should I sell my furniture for?

We generally encourage sellers to list used furniture at about 20 – 50% of the original retail price since furniture is very much like any other depreciable asset. One exception: pieces that are part of a unique or special collection because they tend to lose value once they’re taken from their retail location.

What can I do with unwanted furniture?

You have a few options when it comes to old furniture pick up:

  1. Check with your city and see if they offer free pick up for large items.
  2. Sell or give your old furniture away for free and have the buyer pick it up from your home.
  3. Donate it to a local charity.
  4. Haul it yourself to the dump.
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Is selling used furniture profitable?

Almost all your followers have furniture that they want to have refinished. When they see what you can do to ugly old furniture, they’ll start to ask about custom. Flipping furniture is surprisingly profitable. In fact, you could make a full-time income no problem if you put the time in to learn the business.

How can I sell my furniture online safely?

6 Essential Steps to Sell Your Stuff Online Quickly and Safely

  1. Choose the Right Platform. Listing items on the right platform is key to successfully selling your stuff online.
  2. Clean or Repair the Item As Needed.
  3. Take Quality Photos.
  4. Write a Detailed Description.
  5. Price the Item with a Goal in Mind.
  6. Practice Safe Delivery.

Do pawn shops buy furniture?

No one, including pawn shops, will buy furniture from you that’s dirty or smelly. Furniture with upholstery can be steamed to take away any dirt and odors. But it’s worth knowing that your furniture doesn’t have to look new. Antiques can be uniquely valuable to the right pawn shop.

How much should I sell my used dresser for?

Sell most furniture at 70-80% it’s original sale price.

You can tailor the price depending on a variety of other factors, as discussed below. Say, for example, you bought an dresser for $500 several years ago, and want to get rid of it: The dresser is in good condition, and not very old. You decide that 80% is fair.

How can I sell all my furniture at once?

Here’s a quick rundown on 10 such marketplaces – all of which let you get cash for your secondhand items.

  1. LetGo. Grab your smartphone and download the LetGo app to start selling your belongings at the touch of a button.
  2. eBay and eBay Valet.
  3. Gone.
  4. Facebook.
  5. Craigslist.
  7. Trade-in programs.
  8. Garage Sale.
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Can I sell furniture on eBay?

Selling furniture on eBay can open up a whole new set of possibilities for you, and can generate a nice profit as long as you make sure to find out your shipping and other costs upfront.

Where can I buy furniture in USA?

Here, the best places to buy furniture, both in-store and online.

  • Burrow. Buy on Burrow.
  • Wayfair. Buy on Wayfair.
  • Rove Concepts. Buy on
  • Poly & Bark. Buy on
  • Article. Buy on
  • IKEA. Buy on Ikea.
  • Pottery Barn. Buy on Pottery Barn.
  • West Elm. Buy on West Elm.